Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family of Four

Hello? Anyone out there? I thought I would pop into this poorly neglected corner of the internet and say hi. Hi! I'll be honest, things have been a bit crazy since our new little man arrived. We absolutely love him to pieces and, I know everyone says this, it's hard to remember life without him. He really has just fit into our family so perfectly.

I also can't remember what it feels like to get a good night's sleep. Life with two kids has been an adjustment. It's been hard. Some days are better than others but, managing a toddler and a newborn in a sleep deprived state is not easy. There have been days that I have been so tired I could (and did) cry and honestly, I just couldn't find the energy or motivation to blog.

So I didn't. And that's ok. I'm miss it though and I hope to get back into the swing of things creatively over here.... when life allows. We're slowly finding our groove and I'm starting to see the end of that sleep deprived tunnel.

Here's a peek at the little man who has been keeping us so busy. Big thanks to one of my best friends, Andrea, for being so stinking awesome and capturing these photos for us. She had me in tears by the third photo... it may have been the hormones, but I really do love them and our new family of four that much. It was ridiculously hard to narrow them down too, take a look...

all photos by pink sugar photography

I am forever grateful for these photos. If you are ever doubting whether to get newborn photos, just do it. This stage is so fleeting and these photos and memories mean so, so much to me.

And while I mostly likely won't find the time to blog that often, I'm plenty active over on instagram if you want to pop over there to see what I'm up to.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh Baby! It's a...

Please meet our sweet little man
Leo Robert John
born June 2 at 3:24 pm, 9 pounds 1 ounce.

We are so in love.


I'm off to enjoy this sweet little man and our new life as a family of four. Eat, sleep, poop - repeat. Throw in some toddler antics and I think things around here are about to get a bit crazy ;)

Christine, Michael, Alice and Leo

Friday, May 30, 2014

Pineapple Smoothie

I've been wavering between enjoying our last moments as a family of three and going insane waiting for this baby to come. I kept telling everyone I was mentally prepared to go overdue again (Alice was 10 days late) but now that it's here, I think I lied. Waiting is the worst! But such is the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy, this baby will come when it's good and ready.

I decided to just focus on the positive today and enjoy the sunshine and this yummy pineapple smoothie (with a flamingo and fancy straw because sometimes I need to justify my random target purchases).


Recipe via Paula Deen.

1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 banana
1/4 cup ice cubes
2 teaspoons honey, optional

blend it all up and enjoy!

Cheers to the weekend and hopefully a new baby!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Practical Gifts For A New Mom

I always hate it when other bloggers feel the need to make excuses for their absence. Not because I don't love them and miss their lovely voices out here in internetland, but because I get it. Life gets in the way sometimes and that's ok. At least this is what I've been telling myself this last month (or two).

I've been a bit preoccupied growing a little human and raising a little toddler one while I'm at it. To say I'm tired is a bit of an understatement. I've been trying to take my own advice and let the blog take a backseat lately and it's been kinda nice. Inspiration will come again and, heck, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be tired for at least the next 18 years so I might as well roll with it ;)

With that said, I'm grateful I'm not the only one going through these changes of motherhood. I've been so blessed to have numerous friends become mamas lately and I couldn't be happier. It's a challenging time and I know moms and dads can use all the help they can get.

It's fun to gift cute baby stuff but I've been erring on the side of practical these days and made up a few of these 'new mama care packages'. Here's a peek inside and some inspiration for the next time you're looking for some gift ideas:

Gift for New Mom

1) Not pictured but first and foremost, dinner: Either make something yourself or pick up a frozen something. I brought along a ready to cook frozen meal from 'Simply Supper'. Always, always appreciated.

2) A little something for baby: This can be something really small like a book or even diapers. I'd purchased these minimocs for this little babe and couldn't wait to gift them.

3) snacks: preferably something that can be eaten one handed - granola bars, snap pea crisps, mini muffins, veggies, cut up fruit...

4) treats: Something for the sweet tooth is a must in my books. These 'crybaby' cookies are go-to family staple (see recipe here). Also welcomed: chocolate, candy, wine...

5) Something cozy and cute for mama: Because you are not feeling your greatest in post-partum recovery mode, I like to throw in a cute pair of new pyjama pants. Just make sure they're nice and stretchy!!

Wrap it up in a cute reusable tote and you're set! I already have a few of these things set for myself when this baby comes (hopefully any day now!!) What's your go-to new mama gift?

Hope you have a great weekend, happy Friday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day and Poppy Barley

A few weeks ago Alice and I had the privilege of popping into the studio with the girls at Poppy Barley and Stephanie Pasutto Photography. Poppy Barley is a local company that creates gorgeous custom made footwear. I can't speak highly enough of these shoes - gorgeous and ethically made just for you! They are an inspiring group of peeps over there and I'm so proud to see such an awesome local company succeed.

In celebration of Mother's Day, Alice and I got to play dressup in their shoes and pretend (emphasis on pretend) to be models! It was a bit crazy (toddlers don't make the most cooperative of models) but we had so much fun and are so excited to be a part of their campaign!


So cute right? Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this campaign and for giving me the best gift ever: photos with my babies. I will treasure these forever.

I'm over on their blog chatting about motherhood with some other lovely moms and grandmas, pop on over to see more photos and please share your thoughts too!

Wishing you all a happy Mother's Day weekend!

BONUS: Right now Poppy Barley is offering Flat Bundles: buy one pair and get $50 off your second pair until May 11th! (maybe for your mama, maybe for you ;) Use code: mothersday14

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fav Things + Mother's Day Gift Guide

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was participating in a 'Blogger's Favourite Things Exchange' just in time for Mother's Day. Jen and Stefanie organized a group of bloggers (and mamas) and we sent out packages secret santa style featuring some of our fav things.

Alex from North Story absolutely spoiled me with this package of pink, gold and crafty goodness. She put so much thought into every single piece and even threw in some handmade goodies for Alice! Dude, you get me. Thank you, thank you so much!

blogger fav things: mother's day

And if that wasn't enough, Stefanie and Jen brought on some generous sponsors that sent along some of their 'favourite things'. Seriously, it was like Christmas over here, I may just go into fun mail denial now that this is over. Spoiled. Rotten. You can see all the fun over on instagram if you search #bloggerfavthings.

I sent a few of my fav things over to Dana from House Tweaking. I had so much fun shopping for her and hope she enjoys these things as much as I do. Yes, I colour coordinated - I can't stop my nerdy self!

'hey you're awesome' print, notebook, monogram mug, washi tape, one line a day journal, notebooks, mini latte bowls

It was an amazing opportunity to connect with other bloggers and to get some pretty darn great ideas for mother's day gifts. If you're looking for inspiration Stefanie put together this awesome gift guide featuring a few of the gifts included. So many great ideas for your mom, mom friends, or some 'hint, hints' to your husband ;)

Thanks again to Jen and Stefanie for including me. While I did get a lot of great "stuff" I really enjoyed the thought behind everything. Getting a handwritten note (ie. not bills) goes a long, long way to make someone's day. I am definitely going to find more reasons to spread the love the old fashioned way. Nothing beats some good ol' fun mail.

Happy almost mother's day. Hope this inspires you to spread the love too.

Thank you to all those involved in this fun project:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday + 35 Week Bump

Exhaustion has set in again this third trimester and with this growing babe, my last month at work, and transitioning Alice into a big girl bed (oy!) things have been a bit nutty around here. Can someone have a big glass of wine for me, pretty please!?!

Alice wasn't so much into the photos (or clothes) this week, but I'm embracing it as 'keepin' it real'. Here we are at 35 weeks, getting so close!!

35 weeks - maternity

35 weeks - maternity

35 weeks - maternity

Happy Friday!