Friday, April 11, 2014

Spreading the Love...

Spreading the Love
- who knew my pregnancy craving would be so trendy? Lindsay from Penny Paper Co just released this awesome donut print (I may have squealed when I saw it :) I am so crazy about all this donut stuff popping up lately... it sure doesn't help curb the donut eating though : |

- Justine and Mike's wedding was featured on Ruffled Blog this week. I am so honoured to have attended this fun and intimate event and yes, it was as amazing, sweet and romantic as it looks. Beautiful photos by the awesome Blake Loates Photography.

- I woke up to the sweetest watercolour painting of me and my girl the other day and I could not love it anymore. Looks just like us, right? Sarah just opened up a brand new etsy shop, Hazel Ink, pop on over and check it out!

- also loving these words and this awesome mug.

Happy Friday!

photo credits: penny paper co, blake loates, sarah milne

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Office Gallery Wall (+ a little how to)

I'm a huge fan of gallery walls. There is something so fun about curating a bunch of your favourite prints, art and photographs all in one little corner. This little nook in my office makes me so happy I figured it needed it's own little post. It's a combination of prints, Alice art and even framed greeting cards and was surprisingly affordable to make.


I love the collected look of a gallery wall but I find they do involve a bit of planning to get it right. I usually start by laying out all my frames on the floor and playing around there until I get the look I like.

Next up I trace all my frames on kraft paper and mark the nail spots on the paper. Then it's onto the wall with tape to recreate what I had going on the floor.


You can just hammer in your nails into your paper marks and then you're all set to hang. This is a great way to minimize all those random holes in the wall (especially for an eyeballer like me).

As you can see, I ended up switching things up a bit in the end but it's a great way to get started. I'm also a huge fan of painters tape for planning out furniture (see the tapings for my expedit shelf?)... works great on the floor too.

Office Gallery Wall

What's your strategy for gallery walls, do you just wing it? In the end, I think I did a bit of both and there are totally extra nail holes hiding behind some of those prints ;)

'let's share our hearts, ok?': justine ma design
carousel photo: tracey ayton:
floral card: rifle paper co.
gold 'A': indigo
abstract art - an alice original 
'only happy thoughts': SS print shop:
'hooray' card: rifle paper co
'love you' watercolour: justine ma design


Click here to see the full office tour.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

I had so much fun hosting a craft workshop a few weeks ago at 'Nest in the City', thank you to everyone who came to craft with me! For those of you who couldn't make it, here is the tutorial so you can make your own tissue tassel mobile at home.

I'm pretty sure I've made my weight in tassels by this point, so I can tell you they are really so easy to make, we even had some 5 year olds join us and they nailed it! If you're not in the market for a mobile the tassels also look great as a garland for party or room decor (as seen in my office here).

Let's get crafting!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

- embroidery hoop (size 8 - 12”)
- tissue paper (20x26”) - 4 sheets = 8 tassels
- scissors
- pencil
- twine, thread, or yarn

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile Supplies

step 1:
- fold tissue paper in half and then in half again the other way.
- place tissue with fold at top and paper tall and skinny.
- cut roughly 0.5” strips stopping about a 1.5” away from the fold (don’t cut the fold).

*you can also use a paper cutter if you have one, I found that to be a bit faster (mine is kinda like this). Keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect, the fringe is going to be all clumped together so you'll never notice.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 2:
- unfold strip horizontally only and cut in half so you have two fringed sheets (two tassels).
- unfold tissue and lay fringe flat.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 3:
- roll tissue down middle of sheet being careful not to tangle fringe.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile
DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 4:
- fold fringe in half around pencil and make sure fringes line up along the bottom.
- begin twisting pencil to twirl and tighten fringe.
- remove pencil to create loop for twine.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile
DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

tada! A tassel!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 5:
- attach tassel to piece of twine.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 6:
- attach three pieces of twine to embroidery hoop to hang mobile.
* I found it easiest to hang it up (using a screw hook like this) and then attach tassels.
- attach tassels to embroidery hoop at alternating lengths to complete your mobile.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

I'm really happy with how it turned out and how it looks in the nursery! I'm hoping to see how the girls in my workshop used them in their homes too, send me a pic if you make one!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

Happy crafting!

p.s. if you're in a time crunch or hey, sometimes we just get lazy you can make this project really easy and buy tissue tassel kits (they come pre-cut!). My pal, Cindy, has some great kits available here!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday + 29 weeks!

I've been feeling the weight of a never-ending to do-list lately... and a rapidly growing babe. I think I need about 4 more hours in a day and 4x as much energy as I have now, haha. But we are getting excited and plugging away as best as we can!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my office tour, as you can see below we have already started moving big girl bed pieces into the room. Eee, we are working on a deadline here!

maternity style: 29 weeks

Wish you a relaxing and productive weekend! Happy Friday!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shop Girl: Michele, Blush Shop

I am so excited to introduce you to another lovely 'shop girl' today. Michele is the owner of Blush Shop, a beyond gorgeous online and storefront boutique in Guelph, Ontario. I've never actually stepped foot in her shop but this girl inspires me on a daily basis with quite possibly the most beautiful instagram feed I have ever seen (and with over 44K followers I'm not the only one who thinks she's pretty darn amazing).

She has such an incredible eye for styling and literally makes me stop in my tracks to admire her amazing vignettes. Let's all take a moment to jump into her world of pretty, shall we?

Shop Girl: Michele, Blush Shop

Michele: I was commuting to Toronto and working for a company as a Visual Director for Canada for quite a few years. In 2004 I decided as much as I loved my job.. it was time to start my own adventure. Blush was created and has been in business for 9.5 years!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

You have the most beautiful Instagram feed, has social media changed the way you do business?
M: For me Instagram is a creative outlet! I love the people and scrolling through inspirational pics everyday. Social media has definitely helped and improved the business over the years. Now we are able to connect and share pics with people from all over the world. It's pretty amazing!


Your attention to detail and styling is impeccable, what is your best styling tip?
M: I'm a bit of a display girl.. I have always had an eye for all those little details. I'm sure everyone works differently but my best styling tip is to take your time and take a few pics... and of course...have fun with it!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

I was giddy when I saw your little BOW trailer, tell us more about your travelling shop, Blush on Wheels.
M: After hearing many people commenting on how they wish Blush was in their city or their location... I thought... ah ha.. mobile boutique. BOW..blush on wheels was vision.. my husband's hard work. We loved that we could take the Blush experience out to our customers!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

I love how you style your goods with props and accessories (vintage phones, sewing machines, hotel luggage carts) - where do you find these unique items? Any favs?
M: Over 9 years of collecting props for the can only imagine our Blush prop room! It's a little over flowing! I usually find my goodies at Local antique markets and thrift shops. I have so many display items that I love but I think my favourite are the luggage carts!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

What’s your typical day look like (or is there one)??
M: My days tend to change up according to what is happening at the shop. Most often I wake up around 6 am, drink coffee, walk the dogs, meditate & stretch, get ready and the three of us head into work. (my husband, Louis P and myself).

Once at work.. get the shop opened ... probably instagram my outfit! ha ha. I attend to my list for the day, blog, post pics of new products, answer customer emails, help my customers, merchandise, take a few more instagrams.. and before I know it.. it's time to head home!

Best advice...regardless of what your dreams are.....Work hard and always do your best!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop


1. FAVOURITE item in your shop?
M: It changes weekly... this print top is from one of our french lines des petits hauts. Just love the colours and the way it feels on. Effortless!

M: probably chocolate.. or something sweet!

3. favourite/go-to fashion accessory?
M: my weakness.. is shoes.. hands down.. I always have room for one more pair in the closet!

M: amy_stone (IG), lucylaucht (IG), sarakatestudios (IG)

5. favourite thing to do on a day off?
M: When I manage to get a day off from the shop... I love to curl up with a good business book and cup of tea. One other thing I love to do is head to the antique market to poke around to get inspired.

*Sigh* So lovely, right? Michele is so sweet and talented and I'm so happy to have her here today.

She has so generously offered up some lovely goodies from her shop to one of you. Pop on over to instagram to enter to win the goodies below - lollia hand cream in WISH, shop gold star bobbi pin, and beautiful blue and grey spring scarf. Yes, please!

Blush Shop: Goodies

Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Shop: Blush Shop, 38 Quebec Street, Guelph, ON
Blog: Lovely & Chic
Instagram: @blushshop (seriously, go follow now)
Twitter: @blushshop
Facebook: Blush Shop

Check out my other 'Shop Girl' features here!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Gold and Girly Home Office

I am so excited to be finally sharing this room with you! I've been using it as an office since I got my gold ikea hack desk in there waaay back in June (oh gosh, has it been that long), but it has been a bit of a disaster since then. Pregnancy, laziness, you know... life just got in the way - that's just how I roll.

I love this room so much, but it's a little bittersweet because I have to give it up to become Alice's big girl room, haha. I figured I'd better blog it before it doesn't even look like this anymore. Luckily, I knew this was our plan all along and I designed it to transition into her space. So much of it will be staying as is with some furniture/storage/design changes here and there. Watch for all that in most likely another year, ha ;)

But in the meantime, let's all enjoy it as an office, shall we?

Gold, Pink Home Office

The gold polka dot decals from urban walls are really the star of this room, I just had to use them somewhere and the gold theme just sort of sprouted (or exploded) from there.

Gold, Pink Home Office

I was so happy to find a home for the tassel garland originally used for Alice's second birthday party. Who says garlands are just for parties?

Gold Pink Home Office

The one thing this room has really provided me with is some much needed storage. It forced me to sort, organize and corral all my random craft/office goodies and now they're all pretty and on display (just don't peek behind that other closet door, k?

Gold Pink Home Office

As hard as it is to part with this girly space of my own, I'm excited about the room it will become next. This big girl bed just arrived last week and I'm excited (and nervous) to get her in there. Wish us luck!

wall colour: coconut sugar, c/o para paints
gold polka dot decals: urban walls
desk: Ikea hack (see details here)

lamp: urban outfitters
pouf: etsy
light fixture: home sense

chair: home sense (old, stolen from my bedroom)
pillow: indigo
fabric basket: plum home + design
artwork by: indigo, justine ma, rifle paper co, ss print shop, tracey ayton, michelle armas

expedit shelf: ikea
tassel garland kit: confetti & sparkle party shop
jars: dollarama (spray painted lids gold)
moose head: west elm (similar)
gold spray paint: home depot (another huge star in the room)


*post contains some affiliate links

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Craft Workshop! DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

I'm so excited to be hosting a craft workshop this weekend! If you're in Edmonton come check out 'Nest in the City' this Saturday at the Enjoy Centre. The show is perfect for families and expectant mamas with a ton of great speakers, workshops, vendors and DIY areas (Holly will be there crafting away too!).

I'll be showing you how to make this DIY tissue tassel mobile and I would love it if you would come get your craft on with me!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile
DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

And if you aren't in the market for a mobile (though it's been discussed this would be equally as fun in an adult's room ;) you could always make it into a garland for some fun room or party decor!


I hope to see some of you local peeps at the show this weekend and, for those of you who can't make it, I'll be posting the full tutorial on the blog soon!

Saturday, March 15 10 - 5 pm
The Enjoy Centre
101 Riel Street, St. Albert

My workshop will be in the 'Make Shop' from 1 - 2 pm and is free with price of admission. Registration for workshops is from 10 - 11 am and there is only 16 spots so get there early!
Hope to see you there!