Florence - Do not drive here.

Do not drive in Florence. Unfortunately we speak this warning from experience. We knew that driving would be crazy and we had every intention of parking the car and walking Florence. We just didn't realize the parking part would be so hard. Think very small roads, very small cars, very small parking spots...but BIG trees. We had to park in this stall of a major road and had a little trouble navigating the tree...

The death spot:

We're hoping it's something they can "buff right out" but... lessoned learned.

On a happier note, we followed with a shopping day!


  1. Bella vacanza, fantastico!
    Ciao Patrizia

  2. Hi There Long Lost Travellers,
    Well, I see Florence will have some good and bad memories for the two of you. It looks like Christine is spending her money shopping which she loves to do we all know. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Love you lots and miss you lots.
    Mom and Dad


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