Pisa - a wonder of the world

Pisa was a little pit stop on our way to Vernazza and interesting enough. We took some photos had a picnic and were on our way...

I got a real kick out of all the tourists doing the "holding up the tower" pose. This man particularly was quite enthusiastic.


  1. Well, you enjoy your time left. I love to get the updates and can't wait for you to be home. I don't know about you two but the time has gone by pretty fast. I am sure it has gone by even faster for you. Have fun and take lots of pictures and write everything down as you would be surprised at how soon you forget things. Something to do on the plane ride home, besides sleep. Love you lots.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Love all the pictures - this is so much better than post-cards! It's fun following you around the country.

    Two more sleeps, then one ugly day of travel and it's back to this life.

    See you Thursday evening.
    Love you lots
    Heather and Len


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