Tuscany - Radda in Chianti

The hills, the hills. They are just beautiful and we definitely did not want to leave after two nights. But we are busy busy honeymooners, with places to go, museums to see... Our hotel in Tuscany was amazing. Tucked away in at the top of the hill away from the village, the hotel was a quiet change of pace from Rome.

The weather unfortunately did not cooperate with reading by the pool, soaking up the sun/view we had planned, but we had a great time anyway. We hopped in our little rental car and braved the VERY treacherous and windy roads and just explored.

Oh and that wonderful cooking class in tuscany we had planned was cancelled... boooo. The chef was "too busy" that day with dinner preparations that he couldnt fit us in. So after I wiped my big pout face off we went to a nearby town and just wandered... yes, more walking. Not that I'm complaining, the walking is definitely welcome after all the delicious food we are eating. SO much wonderful food, sometimes it seems all we do is eat and drink wine... it's a hard life.

Today is Wednesday, June 18 also know as my best friend, Taryn's birthday. Taryn, I hope you had a wonderful birthday week and Mike and I are thinking of you and will be sure to celebrate on your behalf Italy style. Happy belated father's day to the dad's and happy early birthday tomorrow to my Dad! Go golfing (it's thursday after all) and enjoy your day. We love you all lots.

Chat soon!
Christine and Mike

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  1. Hi there Christine & Michael,
    Again it does sound like you are having the time of your lives. It is too bad about the cooking class but I guess things happen and you make the best of it. Your room looked beautiful. Missing you lots and we will wait for the next update.
    Mom and Dad

  2. I am so glad to have heard from you and know that you are well and having the time of your life. I think about the two of you in Italy all the time and hope that it is everything you dreamed of. Can't wait for you to get home and share all of your stories from beautiful Italy. Thanks for the Birthday wishes today and for the card that you left with Mike! That meant so much to me!!
    Love you both,

  3. Miss you two...see you soon! Though I am sure you would rather stay.

    Michelle & Adam


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