We are home safe and sound. It was a long 24 hour day of traveling, but it is good to be home. We both slept SO well in our own bed (how I love my bed) and were up wide awake at the glorious hour of 5AM (yay jet lag :)

Now, I know we're home now, but it just wouldn't be complete if I didn't blog about Venice. We didn't do any museums (and our feet thanked us), just enjoyed the city.. and a beautiful city it is. We soaked up the city, got lost and of course, did a gondola ride. It was perfect.

Okay, if Mike were reading this he'd add to the "perfect" that it was also REALLY HOT... like 35degrees hot. Thank goodness for the tiny shady streets, cause out in the sun it was almost unbearable. We took a trip out to two beautiful islands near Venice, Murano (where they make glass) and Burano (where they make lace). They were cute little islands... especially Burano, they had just the cutest, brightly coloured houses you could imagine.

It was really cool to watch the guys in the factories:

Check out this guy and his sexy ladies, haha:

The thing I'll remember the most about Venice is the peace and quiet. Mike and I both marveled at how quiet and peaceful and city is with no cars, it's amazing. You just can't go to Italy without seeing Venice. It was a wonderful finale to a wonderful vacation.


  1. welcome home!!!

    I'm so happy you found peace and quiet in venice. what a lovely way to end the trip!

  2. son contenta che vi sia piaciuta la mia città...

  3. Can't wait to see both of you. It was wonderful to have this site and share you vacation with you. Wish we could go there .
    Love grandma Wild

  4. I just discovered your blog, and the pictures are stunning!
    Way to go for doing something you wanted to do and having fun.

  5. Thank you!! And thanks for checking out my trip! I haven't read this in so long it was great to relive it... I miss you Italy : )

    kisses, Christine

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely vacation photos! I loved the quaintness of Burano & its magnificent color. To more travels in the future!


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