Vernazza - Part 2

Vernazza was really that good and okay maybe I exaggerated just a little when I said all we did was eat and lay on the beach (but that still was a good portion of it). Here's a few more pics. The Cinque Terre like I said is five villages along the coast separated by mountain and ocean and you can hike from one end to the other. This takes about 5 hours and though we were sure this would be amazing and definitely a wonderful hike, we opted to do the last "20 minute long" leg. Come on, cut us some slack we've been in Italy for 2 weeks and it seems all we've been doing is walking, a five hour leisurely stroll just wasn't on the agenda this time around ; )

The last leg is the highlight though and called the Via dell'Amore aka The Path of Love...awwwww.

Lovers have been coming here since the road was originally created connecting the villages and it became a fad to close a lock together to "seal your love". It was all really quite romantic even the grafitti on the walls tugs at your heart strings, just part of the history and charm.

Vernazza also was the best hotel yet. It was modern, clean and had an amazing view. Not to mention it was run by a nice lady and her son aka Superman who lugged BOTH of our luggage up many tiny little stairs... I struggled with the carry on.

View from hotel:

Looking down on the view from the terrace:


Ooo! And we went kayaking...

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