La Casa de Marcelo

We'll be staying at this gem of a b&b in Barcelona for 3 nights.  I was immediately drawn to the light, fresh interior and then found out it was owned by an interior designer - Marcelo Lopez.  No surprise there, this place is STUNNING.  And with 4 out of the 5 rooms, it'll be like our own little humble abode - can't wait!

Sprechen sie Deutsch??

Gutentag! Ich heisse Christine. Ich komme aus Kanada. Wir gehen nach Österreich!!

I thought I'd brush up on some of the ol' German skills. I studied German for 6 years in school (grade 7 - 12) but can honestly say I haven't spoken a word since - this should be interesting! It's going to be fun to try and practice and see what comes back to me!

It'll be handy to have Opa to manage some translations for us while we're in Austria and when in doubt, there is always iTranslate.  It'll even talk for you if you're really lazy.  Man, what did the world do before iPhones??

Anybody have any other good travel apps to recommend?

Must Eat Barcelona - Churros and Chocolate

Can you believe they call this breakfast!?! I can definitely get on board with that. Churros and Chocolate are more traditionally found in Southern Spain, but I've found some places we can hit up in Barcelona for some tasty goodness.

Enough chat, I think a picture is worth a thousand words here:

Churros and chocolate, droooool.

must. eat.

We're going back!

Dusting off the ol' blog in honour of another trip in the works - this time the whole family is going to Austria and Spain!!

We are researching and planning and will be back in Europe July 2010. How I'd love to be sitting on this rooftop pool right now....

This is a potential hotel in Barcelona - B Hotel - that has a spectacular pool... um yes, please!

photo from here