Friday, May 21, 2010

Must Eat Barcelona - Churros and Chocolate

Can you believe they call this breakfast!?! I can definitely get on board with that. Churros and Chocolate are more traditionally found in Southern Spain, but I've found some places we can hit up in Barcelona for some tasty goodness.

Enough chat, I think a picture is worth a thousand words here:

Churros and chocolate, droooool.

must. eat.


  1. if thats breakfast what to you get for dessert? Hey who am I to arque, when in Rome.....

  2. Haha, hopefully more of this!

  3. Wow I better start starving myself now so I can eat all of this good stuff.

  4. Don't worry, you'll be walking it off for sure. Bring comfy shoes!!

  5. I am sure we will be walking a lot. I am getting so excited.

  6. That sounds like a delicious breakfast. What a sweet start of a day. Have a great weekend!


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