Sprechen sie Deutsch??

Gutentag! Ich heisse Christine. Ich komme aus Kanada. Wir gehen nach Österreich!!

I thought I'd brush up on some of the ol' German skills. I studied German for 6 years in school (grade 7 - 12) but can honestly say I haven't spoken a word since - this should be interesting! It's going to be fun to try and practice and see what comes back to me!

It'll be handy to have Opa to manage some translations for us while we're in Austria and when in doubt, there is always iTranslate.  It'll even talk for you if you're really lazy.  Man, what did the world do before iPhones??

Anybody have any other good travel apps to recommend?


  1. Christine,
    Thanks for dropping by Moth Design today and for your kind words. I love it when I "meet" new people in blog land.
    Great blog. That churro picture has me wanting to run out the door and get something chocolatey. :S
    xo Erica

  2. Hi Erica! Nice to "meet" you too!!

  3. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) It's funny that I should stumble upon this post as I just got back to Canada from living in Vienna, Austria for 3 years. If you need any tips on places to see / things to do, you should definitely drop me a line.

    Liebe Gruße ;)

  4. Absolutely, Bess!! I will definitely hit you up for some tips! What fate...


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