It's thunderstorm season! I remember Michelle (my sis) was always really, really scared whenever there was thunder, but I find it so exciting! (You can jump in my bed next time you're here, Michy ;)

We had a delicious dinner tonight with the parents (mine and Mike's). It was such a gorgeous day, we ate out on the deck and watched the clouds roll in. I just love that feeling when you know the 'storms a' coming'. We finished up our dinner, cleared the table and sure enough five minutes later it was pouring.

It does make for some pretty skies once it clears...

Hope you had a great weekend. I can honestly say I'm not packed yet - but there was progress! I've reached stage: "pick out all the clothes you WANT to bring" and need to dial it back to: "reduce to clothes that will actually FIT in your suitcase". I haven't even started on shoes yet.... eeee.

p.s. I officially have AC/DC "Thunderstruck" in my head now. "thun-der!". It'll forever remind me of my bro's hockey games as they warmed up (or shall I say pumped up) before the game.

p.p.s. I'm sorry you have that song in your head now too ;)

Have a great week!


must drink - austria

My Opa told me once that in Austria some drink coffee topped off with a big hunk of whipping cream - kaffee mit schlagobers (or Einspänner).  Coffee - good.  Whipping cream - veerrry good. 

Plus, schlagobers is fun to say.  Schlaaagobers : )


must. drink.

Happy Friday to you!!  I'll be busy this weekend doing laundry and trying to narrow down what and what not to pack.  I'm a notorious over packer and I promised myself (and Mike) I would trrryyy and pack light this time.  Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

countdown is ON - 9 days!

I won't tell you when I officially started counting down the days to our trip (with my handy dandy "days until" app) because it's embarrassingly long.  But we are officially down to single digits and I think that calls for some celebration!!

We will be landing in Austria in 9 days!! EeeEE.  So excited.

That's my sister, Michelle in the background, she's excited too.  Can you tell?

imaginary vacation

You'd think I would have tired of researching by now, but nope still at it. I've been exploring some more beauties in France and planning my pretend vacation at the Hotel Particulier. We won't be going to this place, but I wish we were.

It's dreamy....

Dad Weekend

My dad's birthday falls on Father's day weekend every year. Which, lucky for dad, means a weekend all about him! Or maybe it's like having your birthday fall on Christmas - you know, double duty presents. Good for us, not so good for him. Haha, just kidding, Dad, it's about quality time with your loving family anyway, right?

I hope you enjoyed your day... and your cake! It was my first attempt at his favourite cake, black forest, and it was delicious (if I do say so myself ; )

Happy birthday/father's day Dad!!
Love you.

p.s. My presents were good, but they couldn't top the gift from Uncle John. Yep, that's an iPad. Lucky duck.  You have one amazing brother who gives some pretty amazing gifts.

This is him virtual hugging my Uncle John...

Hope you had a great weekend!

let the sun shine in

Chocolate, ice cream, a warm, cream cheese covered cinnamon bun from the mall.... all good things in moderation, right?

Well, apparently that includes the sun.  Check out this interesting GOOP article sent by the fair-skinned beauty, Gwyneth Paltrow.  It talks about the benefits and importance of moderate, sun-screen free sun exposure.  That vitamin D is apparently pretty darn good for you.  It's a bit wordy, but the jist of it (according to Dr. Frank Lipman) is the "sun feels good for a reason" -  I like that.

Hope you enjoy some moderate, sun-screen free sunshine this weekend!
(but don't fall asleep in it - that's bad).

GOOP - DO Newsletter 

a good book

It seems that I always THINK I'm going to have more time to read on vacation then I actually do.  But, we do have a few lounging on the beach days and a looong plane ride so I'd love to fit in a good book (or two).  Either way, I am always looking for suggestions.  I've been in a book club for the last 6 months (holla! literary ladies!) and lately have only had time for our monthly book.   They're usually great books (with the odd exception - 'Suddenly' I'm looking at you), but I'm excited to fit in a few extras this summer!

A few of my recent faves...

Any suggestions for a good travel read?

Kicking off the summer!

We had such a great time out at the cabin this past weekend, it finally feels like summer! I think this is going to be a good one...

This is me staying in the boat where its safe (and warm) and you can see why below... I have fun friends - brave, fun friends.

After such a rowdy weekend Taryn and I canceled yoga night and opted for a night on the couch with heating pads and bad reality tv (bachelorette anyone? I know, I know).  I guess those muscles are feeling one year older today, huh?

Happy birthday, friend!

Swanky Shower

There is no modesty at this hotel... but would there be a wet bathroom!?  Either way, I like it.  Maybe because it wouldn't be me cleaning up the water all over the floor, haha.

Our final place to rest our heads before we head home.  They had me at the view...

Happy Weekend!!

Why hello weekend, hello sun, hello summer!!  It won't be long till we're sitting here enjoying a little beach action (oh yes. there will be speedos) But for now I'm looking forward to a weekend at home with some sunshine!

It may not be southern France, but we're off to spend the weekend with my bestie, Taryn and her husband Mike out at their cabin.  Happy almost birthday, Taryn! Looking forward to some food, friends and fun at the lake!  But don't think you're getting me in the water just yet, it may be sunny but that water is still a bit too ice cold for my liking.  We are in Alberta after all ; )

Happy Weekend, friends!

The Perfect Bag

There are just some things you can never get enough of... bags and purses are one of those weaknesses for me.

I am on the the hunt for the perfect travel bag.  Ideally it would be lightweight, double strapped (cross-body and tote), and have a zipper closure.  Le Sportsac you say?  Meh, not for me.  Really just a purse that holds all my junk, meets the list above and is NOT ugly.  Is this so much to ask, dear internet?  Really?

Here are a few of my finds so far:

These ones below don't really fit the bill, but I'm loving the nautical look.  Perhaps, beach bag?

Suggestions anyone?  What is your go-to travel bag?? Or just go-to bag, I'd love to see those too!

My favourite love... happy anniversary.

Two years ago today was one of the happiest and 'smiliest' days of my life.  I look back on that day and just feel so much love... seriously, my cheeks hurt from how giddy I was.  Some people cry when they walk down the aisle,  me - I giggled.  I was just so happy to be marrying such an amazing person and to have all the people I love be there to support us.  I wish I could get married every year *sigh*.

We're considering our trip to Europe an anniversary gift to each other (even though Mike cheated and got me a gift anyway! - haha, NOT that I'm complaining ; ).   I can't believe it was already two years ago we celebrated our marriage in bella Italia!! Can't wait to see where the next year takes us...

I love you Michael, you are my favourite.

Thank you English Muffin

Meet Bess.  She lived in Vienna for 3 years and kindly offered up some super-awesome tips on what to see/eat/do while we're there.  She's the best AND a very talented gal, check out the English Muffin shop to see her pretty, pretty pictures - including this map of Europe.  Pink is definitely your colour, Europe... looking good!

 Thanks again, Bess!
: ) Christine


It's official, I booked our last hotel this week and it feels sooo good.   We're not really 'itinerary people', so now all we have to do is show up and have fun.  That shouldn't be so hard ; )

Jump for joy, family!! 

thank you.
See you kids in Austria ; )

Picture Perfect - Collioure, France

So pretty they framed it...

Looking forward to some serious beach action in this quaint Southern France village of Collioure.  There are twelve of these adorable little frames dotting the coastline, how cute is that?

Could you see this view ending up on your wall one day?  Travel photos make the best art and this one comes "frame ready".  Love it.