The Perfect Bag

There are just some things you can never get enough of... bags and purses are one of those weaknesses for me.

I am on the the hunt for the perfect travel bag.  Ideally it would be lightweight, double strapped (cross-body and tote), and have a zipper closure.  Le Sportsac you say?  Meh, not for me.  Really just a purse that holds all my junk, meets the list above and is NOT ugly.  Is this so much to ask, dear internet?  Really?

Here are a few of my finds so far:

These ones below don't really fit the bill, but I'm loving the nautical look.  Perhaps, beach bag?

Suggestions anyone?  What is your go-to travel bag?? Or just go-to bag, I'd love to see those too!


  1. Okay we share the same love for bags and purses....and etsy is where I go to splurge on one:)Definately just found some new faves!

  2. I love all these stripes! I have been wanting a new bag especially for summer!

  3. I just found your blog and am really enjoying reading it! What a fantastic roundup of lovely bags! It's taking quite a bit of restraint not to splurge on one of them immediately.

  4. ...oh!so in luv wit the yellow bag!1


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