churros and chocolate - it was THAT good.

In my never-ending trip research I came across churros and chocolate (posted here). Oh man, did this look good and, let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint. I mean really, chocolate - good, churros - very good. How can you go wrong?

One of our first days in Barcelona we went on a hunt to find the infamous "Xurreria"... we wandered the streets and I promised everyone it was "just around the corner" - ha! We did manage to find it but sadly, it was closed :( booo. At that point, I was just so glad we actually found it, I wasn't that disappointed.

Luckily, our second trip was much more successful... YUM. Michelle & Adam, I'm sad you missed this.


I don't know about you guys, but my mouth is watering just looking at these photos!

: ) Christine

foux da fa fa

Yes, we are Canadian. Yes, our official second language is French.  But, when we were in France it was mostly a strange collection of random words and phrases we remembered from school (except Michelle, she did pretty good).

We also listened to a lot of 'Flight of the Conchords'. This song in particular was a fave in France, we'd sing it while strolling the streets shopping for croissants.

We would always see people just walking around with baguettes in Collioure, just baguettes. It was so perfectly cliche. Un baguette, haw, haw, hah. Love it.

If you have not heard of 'Flight of the Conchords ' you have to check them out. HILARIOUS.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Park Güell, Barcelona

This park in Barcelona was sooo pretty. Gaudi was never one to do the expected, and this was no exception. It was unlike any park I've ever seen. We hiked up to the park and had a picnic under the pillars. It was amazing!

I could have stayed here all day taking photos of all the interesting mosaics, every where you turned there was something unique to look at. The whole time I was thinking what great artwork the tiles would make. I think I'll have to pick a few favourites, frame them and hang them up at home.

guelltilesCUIMG_0014IMG_0003 copy
IMG_0004 copyIMG_9969IMG_9954guell02

Happy Weekend to you!!
hugs, Christine

these shoes weren't made for walking...

We did a LOT of walking this trip, which works out great because we also did a LOT of eating.  Unfortunately, these sandals did not survive the demanding streets of Europe.

Rest in peace cute, metallic sandals.  You had a good run.



One of the best things of being on vacation is coming home to this: my bed.  Oh, how I've missed you...



We are sitting on the train right now on our way to relax in southern France.

We've been in Barcelona the last three days spending part of the first day with my parents before we sent them off cruising for a week. Bon voyage mom and dad!!

Barcelona was bustling and beautiful. Who knew a city could hold so much art, architecture (LOVE Gaudi!) delicious food and culture. Not to mention people!! My gosh, there are a lot of people here! We just hapened to be in Barcelona to watch Spain win the world cup, I must admit I am not the biggest soccer fan but it was so fun to be here to watch them win and soak up the excitement. Espana! Espana!

Our train is just entering France as I write this and I just spotted the ocean! It is going to be a good three days... Au revoir!

A few highlights of Barcelona...


La Boqueria - so many more pics on this later.

I have sooo many more pics I want to share with you - like all of Gaudi -but unfortunately none of the computers here can read one of my memory cards - booo - so a huge portion of my photos are being held hostage until we get home - so till then! сiao!

Yay Espana!!

Live from Barcelona! Spain wins the World Cup! Insightful commentary by brother, Steven.

YouTube Video

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Bad Radkersburg

We had such an amazing time with our relatives in Bad Radkersburg. It is such a quaint little town and we've had so much fun eating, drinking and taking in all the sites. We even got to meet the Mayor!! I am soo happy we've had a chance to get to know everyone and so sad we had to leave. I can't tell you how much we've appreciated all of our family. We will miss everyone very much!!

We packed up into our rental cars and drove off to Vienna Thursday morning. It is a fantastic drive, the countryside here is so beautiful. We are now in Vienna which is also beautiful (more photos on that soon) and are already off to Barcelona tomorrow.

Hope to be back with more pics soon! Ciao!