Bad Radkersburg - Prost!!

We LOVE it here. Our family has been so kind, welcoming and generous. I feel like we've known them for years and already just love them to bits!

So far there has been tons of laughter, delicious food, beer and wine... and then more wine and more beer! haha.

The boys are off golfing today and us girls are visiting a castle with some family and then off to the Parktherme Spa, which is the hot springs the village is famous for. It's only been two days and I already don't want to leave!!

I hope all is well back home, lots of love to you all!

Prost!! (cheers!)


  1. Glad to hear you're all having a good time C! Have a glass of wine or beer (I'm flexible that way) for me! ;)

    Prost! D.

    P.S That's some fine looking relatives you have!

  2. Yes, D, we have some good genes ;)


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