Bad Radkersburg

We had such an amazing time with our relatives in Bad Radkersburg. It is such a quaint little town and we've had so much fun eating, drinking and taking in all the sites. We even got to meet the Mayor!! I am soo happy we've had a chance to get to know everyone and so sad we had to leave. I can't tell you how much we've appreciated all of our family. We will miss everyone very much!!

We packed up into our rental cars and drove off to Vienna Thursday morning. It is a fantastic drive, the countryside here is so beautiful. We are now in Vienna which is also beautiful (more photos on that soon) and are already off to Barcelona tomorrow.

Hope to be back with more pics soon! Ciao!



  1. all of the pictures are just so .... picturesque! It's amazing to think how many beautiful places there are to discover in the world. Thank you for sharing your travels with me. I wish Cranston would adopt some of the landscaping and paving you've shown in the pictures...

  2. it was a great time with you... i´ll hope we see us soon...Love und hugs to all of you Birgit

  3. Wir vermissen dich!! Ich hoffe du kommst nach Kanada!!

    hugs to you too, Birgit :)


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