We are officially jetsetting off to bella Europa!!

As you read this we are probably sitting somewhere in an airport or on that terrible Dash-8 plane to Calgary (booo)... those tiny ones make me so nervous. It'll be a long day of traveling but sooo worth it. I can't wait to see my brother and sister in Frankfurt and then onto Graz, Austria!

Hope to be back soon with updates and photos from the trip!
Please stop by the blog and say hello, we'll miss you :)

hugs, Christine and Michael
(and the rest of the family)

cousin Marie (who sadly, won't be jetsetting with us this time), Michelle and me. Inspired by ANTM on a past trip to Vegas.


  1. Have the most wonderful trip ever! Miss you guys!

  2. Have a fantastic trip! I was glad to be a part of this blog post, but sad that I don't get to be jetsetting with you guys this time!! Love you all!!

  3. Have a great trip! You're going to love it!

  4. are you there yet????? Miss you already. Have a great time Lena & Sandy


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