I love airports

My dad at the Edmonton airport, enroute to bella europa.

I'm just back from a solo mini-vacation visiting some of my fav girls in Vancouver and came to a realization. I love airports. I find it so relaxing to sit back with a chai latte, a good book or magazine and just soak up the energy of the place.  It is pretty much the jackpot location for people watching.  People excited to travel, people sad to leave, or even just people bored out of their tree. Either way everyone has a story and somewhere to go.

Okay, maybe after a 4 hour layover this might start to get old, but for an hour or two I am perfectly happy.  You've got to wait, so you might as well sit back and enjoy (and hope you're not stuck sitting next to that smelly guy who hogs the arm rest ; )

How was your weekend? Any fun adventures?


Afternoon Choco-fix

I'm pretty sure this is what heaven tastes like. I'm taking a tea/choco break nibbling on some Chocophilia by Kerstin's Chocolates. It's so dark and delicious you only need a few nibbles for some afternoon happiness and oh boy, does this make me happy!


Kerstin's Chocolates is a local Edmonton company run by the lovely Kerstin Roos. Not only are her chocolates heavenly, but the packaging is too. Designed by my good friends at Vanguard Works (yay! Judi and Keith!), it's a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

It's just too good not to share, so I'm giving you all a little piece of virtual chocolate. Nom, nom, nom! Edmonton friends, call me up anytime and we'll go for chocolate (non E-town friends can look for it here). Make sure you try the Cocoa Bean flavour, it has little pieces of cocoa bits in it and it is to-die-for... now, excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my keyboard.

:) Christine

(Michelle, you can get it in Winnipeg!!)

Love Weekend

I love weddings.  I love them so much I want to marry them.  The design, the flowers, the dresses, the shoes!  I love it all.  There is just nothing like watching two people so in love surrounded by the people who love them most.  That was one of the things I remember most about our wedding over 2 years ago.... love.

I was filled with so much love for my hubby and so much love for all the peeps there to support us.  It's hard to describe the feeling of having all the people you care about in one room at the same time.  That's your life right there, smiling back at you, wishing you nothing but happiness.  They should bottle up that feeling and sell it... I'd totally buy it.

We've had two weddings these past two weeks and were so happy to be there to support our cousins.  Congratulations Curtis & Steph and Melissa & Quentin!! 

My cousin Melissa and her new hubs, Quentin

Doesn't she look beautiful? I forgot to bring my camera to Curtis and Steph's wedding, but the lovely Andrea of Pink Sugar Photography (love her, she shot our wedding too!) was there in tow. Can't wait to see her photos, she's amazing.

Anthropologie: you win some, you lose some

After my glowing review of dreamy love letters bedding, I came across this:
Really, Anthropologie, really!?

What do you think? Could you rock a horsie on your shoulder?

I vote nay.

Happy Friday to you, hope you have a great weekend!!

Sagrada Familia - mind officially blown.

I'm dreaming of Europe again tonight and just had to share with you the genius that is Gaudi.

The Sagrada Familia was definitely a highlight of our trip in Barcelona. Construction of the church began in 1882 and is still under construction today. It was amazing to walk through those doors, watch the men at work and be a part of such an incredible piece of art. I can only hope to go back one day and see the finished masterpiece.

Seriously, it was unlike anything I have ever seen, Gaudi's design and aesthetic is just unreal. I'm pretty sure this guy dreamed in cartoons ;)


Anthropologie love letters

I spotted this love letter bedding from Anthropologie today and it is ah-mazing. Those brilliant Anthropologie designers made this based on a box of scripted letters found at a vintage shop.

Dear Anthropologie,

I'm in love. That is all.

Love, Christine

bear hug: French Connection

I met this little guy last week at French Connection. We had a moment, but sadly he hugged my hips the wrong way (oh yes, pun intended). He was so sweet though, I just might have to head back to the store for another hug or another size.

Happy Friday, big hugs to you all!

La Boqueria, Barcelona

We made not one, but two stops at La Boqueria while in Barcelona. There were so many sights and sounds and of course, food! Our groceries stores need to take some tips on presentation from this market, everything was so neatly displayed and organized. Serious eye candy, I tell you, I could have stayed here all day.

The food is so amazingly fresh, some of it was still moving. It was fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. I swear some of those poor, little fishies were looking right at me saying "help me"... or was it "eat me?", I forget ;)


more barcelona here (it was a pretty lovable place if you can't tell).

remembering the good stuff...

I can't even begin to tell you how fun it has been to relive our family trip to Europe. This blog was such a great way to keep in touch while we were away and has allowed me to have a place to file away all those travel memories that mean so much.

So, in an effort to remember the good stuff (and on this trip there was a lot of said good stuff), I hope to continue to share more highlights as I go through my 1000+ (oi!) photos. I guess that is what this blog has become, remembering the beautiful things. So, thank you to you for reading and reliving the memories with me (even if it's just you, MOM ;)

And because what's a post without pictures, I leave you with some drool-worthy good stuff... eiskaffee. Thank you Tante Trude!!


Happy Monday,

the little things...


Mike's grandma has a thing for little dishes. They always joke that she is continually moving things into smaller and smaller dishes. She has quite the collection of sweet little "minis" that I love.

While out in Saskatchewan, Heathermom (my mom-in-law) was out for a morning walk and picked the loveliest, little wild flowers. Grandma, of course, had just the thing and pulled out this vase (which is pretty much the cutest thing ever, where do you even find vases like this!?) The flowers put a smile on grandma's face and this little vase put a smile on mine.


I hope you're enjoying the 'little things' this weekend.
love, Christine

inspired by: more christmas in summer!!

After our long weekend 'Christmas in August' celebration, I was continuing the laziness and catching up on some blog reading. You can imagine my excitement when I came across this fancy schmancy 'Christmas in July' photoshoot.

I just might have to take some notes for next year... I just love those water balloon snowballs!!

Saskatchewan - christmas in august!

This past long weekend we did some traveling in our own country and headed to visit family in Saskatchewan. People always look at me funny when I say we're off for a vacation in Saskatchewan, but our poor prairie neighbours get a bad rap - it is really a beautiful province! Mike's grandparents live in a provincial park right on the lake. The views are just beautiful. You are driving through 7 hours of flat farmland and then all of a sudden there is a valley of rolling hills and a beautiful lake.

"Christmas in August!?", you say? Yep, two Christmases in one year, it's great. We always see this side of the family every August Long weekend and decided it would be the perfect time to celebrate Christmas. It's quite a spectacle pulling up to the only house on the block with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree on the porch!! And this year it was double duty holidays, we celebrated Christmas and Grandpa's 80th birthday all on the same day. Hooray for multi-tasking! It was a great weekend of relaxing on the beach, eating and playing boardgames all night long.


FYI, hit games from the weekend include: Banagrams, Apples to Apples, Things... (humour in a box), Pop 5... can you tell we played a lot? haha.

Also, sis-in law, Laura was in town from Toronto! We're so glad we get to spend some time with her in the next two weeks, we miss you Laura!

Hope you had a great weekend too!