Just Bella

As you can tell we are (sadly) not in Europe anymore and this poor blog seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis. Let me take you back... way back to when this lil' blog started off as 'Bella Italia'. Mike and I were off on our honeymoon and I started this blog to keep in touch while we ate and drank our way through beautiful Italy. It was a perfect little travel journal to keep in touch and document our trip.


Then this poor ol' blog gathered dust for two whole years until, hooray! another trip was in the works! This time a family trip to 'Bella Europa', so I dusted off the ol' blog and began writing. Again, it was a perfect way to document our trip and keep in touch.


And now, even though our trip is over, I'm still here and you know what, dear internet, I like you.  And I like having a little piece of the internet to call my own.  I really enjoy the writing, the photography and just the inspiration I get from this blogland. It's a great way to keep in touch with family, old friends and new and I hope to continue writing.  Writing about life, home, food, design, travel, and watch out I might even get crafty on you... phew!  Let's just say there isn't exactly a niche around here so it's really everything just beautiful. 

So the blog lives on from Bella Italia to Bella Europa to now, just bella.

Welcome, I hope you'll stay awhile.
: ) Christine 


  1. and I like Bella just fine! I'm looking forward to seeing the new journey's that Bella goes on!
    xoxox tash

  2. So glad to hear that! Keep these posts coming!

  3. oh this is just too adorable!! finding everything beautiful IS a niche!! here's to everyday life being like a vacation :-)

  4. Thanks girls and thanks for all your sweet comments!

    molly - "here's to everyday life being like a vacation :-) " I just love that!!

  5. Looking forward to reading all of the new things you post! :)

  6. i love "just bella" just the same! you rock!

  7. :)

    Lovely post! I'm sure your wonderful blog will get over the identity crisis is no time!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  8. Dear Christine, how nice to know the story behind your blog! I agree, the blog world is fantastic and a way to get so inspired! I really love it too!! And I'm looking forward to following your future post! Have a beautiful weekend! xo Kristin

  9. Hello Just Bella! It's really nice to meet you Christine.. I love meeting other Canadian bloggers! xx

  10. venice is definitely one of the most romantic places I've ever been!

  11. Oh we want to go to Europe so bad so we will live vicariously through your beautiful posts!


  12. Such beautiful pictures! I look forward to reading your posts!

  13. I love that you've kept it instead of starting new ones. I feel like a blog is a piece of you and changes and grows when you do- Cheers to Just Bella!

  14. Thank you all, I really appreciate it!

    sarah so nice to meet a fellow Canadian too!

    Thanks Roxy, I totally agree.

  15. Blogs are and should be fluid and changing like the people writing them....mine is bizarrely so. But I think that is what keeps us fresh. I've loved reading here today. Keep bloggin' on.


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