Spreading the Love

Happy Friday friends! I've been feeling the love and just wanted to send it back 'atcha!

photo by skippy designs
photo and print by madebygirl
 I've been eying up this print (along with a few others) and just might have to bite the bullet soon.
I taught my dad how to comment this week (hi, DAD!) and even my husband stopped by to say hello.  Okay, so maybe my complaining at dinner about their anonymous reading had something to do with it, hehe... either way, love you guys!!

Thanks to you all for spreading the love, I hope you have a good weekend. My brother and cousin are in town and we're having an early thanksgiving dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone... and pumpkin pie, mmmm, I'm looking forward to that too.


"Hey, that's me!"
Spreading the love back to these ladies, you guys are swell!!
Kerry at First Time Fancy
Kelly and Victoria at Design Ties
and my lucky sister's craft guru Amy at Whistlepea.

c out.


  1. I complain to my family about that too! That's so cute about your Dad!

    Have an amazing weekend with your family!

  2. We just had a little sample of pumpkin pie today at Costco! Yum!

    Have a great weekend doll!


  3. That is so cute your dad and husband comment. Sounds like you have some wonderful men in your life!


  4. Thanks for the shout-out -- so happy to be a part of spreading the love :-)

    Enjoy your weekend and your early T'Giving dinner :-)


  5. Mmmm, pumpkin pie is the best! Love these photos. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Aw, thanks for the shout out! This pumpkin pie is amazing if you're making it:

  7. We actually had a delicious chocolate pudding dessert instead, so I just might have to try that recipe!

    Amy, get michelle to tell you about the time her and I made pumpkin pie... and the unfortunate salt incident.

  8. Hey! I'm so happy to find another Canadian blogger, they keep popping up and I'm so glad! I see you are in Edmonton, I'm in Winnipeg, another city that enjoys the joys and the sorrows of a cold Canadian winter. I think our Winters are much like yours, although you are more northerly. Tell me, do you enjoy Winter? Do you find ways to pass the time?
    Have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Don't you love that ours is in October instead of November? I sure do.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. These pix are so pretty! Enjoy your dinner, it sounds so good!

  10. Beautiful images! Hope the pumpkin pie was good : )

  11. I love that print by Jen!
    Beautiful images. Hope you enjoyed your weekend Christine!!

  12. hehe don't you love it when your parents comment?? it's so cute.

  13. It was a good family weekend that is for sure. To bad it has to come to an end!

  14. So funny! I complain about my family not reading my blog all the time! Of all my lovely followers, not one is a family member or friend!
    mmm...pumpkin pie! That's the one thing about being back in Ireland, they don't celebrate thanksgiving so even trying to find turkey around here is a huge challenge!

  15. That print is awesome!!


  16. I am a quick learner Christine, I do enjoy your blog, just make sure we keep it on the QT!

  17. Haha,
    I totally know what you mean about family blog stalkers.

  18. haha, don't worry Dad, I won't tell anyone you're secretly tech-savvy. It's on the "QT".

    Hi Cindy, I wouldn't say I LOVE our winters but I do love the snow and sunshine... maybe just not for quite so long ; )

  19. I love that print! And I love the love haha


comments make me happy : )