Scary, no?

Okay, maybe to say that my Halloween decorating is minimalistic might be a bit of an understatement....
look closely, very closely.


Yep, those are spiders. Big scary ones. I know I'd be scared if real spiders were infesting my pretty wreath.


Do dead flowers count as scary? I thought so.


With my lazy, I mean minimalistic theme this year I didn't carve the pumpkins, but I think I might have to rip them open later to roast some seeds. mmmmm.

And that is about as Halloweeny as it gets around here.  Scary, no?  I'm off to eat/hand out candy now.

Happy Halloween!

My House: one year for the books!

My parents started a guest book way back in the 80's, you stopped by for a visit - you signed the book. Sort of a "I WAS HERE" kind of thing. It lasted till about the mid 90's till "someone" lost it (what happened to it still seems to be a mystery between my parents). It mysteriously found it's way back into their house recently and is back in circulation!  It's such a cool way to remember all the great times (and people!) you have in your home.

So, when Mike and I moved into our new house last October they bought one for us too and I LOVE it! Only a few weeks in and I was already skimming back reading and re-reading all the lovely notes left behind.  The best is when they write in it without me forcing, ehem asking them to do it. (thanks, brother!)

 And if you're really lucky you get original artwork and a Dora sticker!
It has officially been one year since we moved into this house. I love our home and feel really settled and happy here.  Flipping through the pages of our guest book it has been a really great year. Thanks to all our friends and family who helped "warm" our house. Come visit us again soon!!

Happy House-iversary!
Cheers to many more years!!

Inspiration: Churro Bar

I love churros, looooove 'em.  I blogged about our amazing churros and chocolate adventure in Barcelona here and since then the very thought of churros makes me salivate.  I came across this 'churro bar' today at the City Cradle and it is amazing. Victoria is an ├╝ber talented event stylist and clearly we need to be friends so I can attend amazing parties like this:

all images via The City Cradle

Bake, roll, dip... yes, please!!

Check out more of her incredible work at The City Cradle. Thanks for the daily drool, Victoria!

p.s. did you know Costco sold churros??

Dreaming of my warm bed...

This is my bed.


Doesn't it look so warm, comfy and inviting? This is where I wanted to stay this morning after waking up to this:

Yep, snow. Oh Alberta, you so crazy. Maybe I'll take this as an excuse to buy a new winter jacket! Nothing makes you forget about sub-zero temperatures like a little shopping therapy!

Happy Monday :)

Happy Friday, friends.

Fridays make me happy.

The new Joe Fresh Spring 2011 Collection makes me happy.

Joe Fresh designing the new Scout Canada uniforms makes me happy.
The Globe and Mail stated it best, this is so very Troop Beverly Hills (circa 1989) - I loved that movie and I love this collaboration!  I can't wait to see the new uniforms.

Troop Beverly Hills makes me happy.

I hope your weekend makes you happy.
Happy Friday to you!!

Beautiful Bathroom

I just cannot get enough of this bathroom! I first spotted in House and Home mag, drooled over it at Lake Jane and just found the video tour while perusing some online episodes at House and Home's website.  It seriously makes me giddy with love.  Okay, maybe that's a bit melodramatic for a bathroom, but I think this baby deserves it. *swoon*

images via House and Home

Aren't those mosaic tiles incredible??

Check out the video tour here for more prettiness while I dream about turning our second bedroom into a bathroom like this... who needs bedrooms, pfft.

What you leave... I EAT!!

Is it too early to start Christmas shopping?? Because I just think I found a perfect gift.  Steven, Adam if you are reading this (which you're probably not) stop now or.... ruin Christmas!! (you don't want do that, do you?).

One of my favourite stories about Adam (my brother in law) is the first time he had dinner with my parents.  An innocent evening out at a steakhouse and looking to impress, Adam suggested my dad order for him.  Challenge accepted.  My dad ordered the largest steak they had on the menu and Adam ate every. last. bite.  Man, this guy can eat.  Needless to say, I think my dad was impressed.  Welcome to the family, Adam - ha! 

He certainly gives my brother a run for his money.  I hope he's not threatened as the "alpha eater" in the family.  It was an interesting dynamic while we were traveling together in Europe.  You could see Michelle's mental struggle with leftovers while the two guys eyed up her plate. brother? husband? brother? husband...

So, when I came across these on desiretoinspire I knew I just might have to get my hands on one (or two). 

all images and artwork via here

Check out jimbobart's etsy shop here!

p.s. I must add both Steven and Adam are strapping young and fit lads... just with big appetites!  Love you guys!!

DIY: Necklace Holder

I'm sure we all know someone or met some lil' lady who has one.  Bright, shiny collections tacked to the wall displaying spoons from here and there.  That's right, I'm talking a spoon rack.

I grabbed this guy at a garage sale a few years ago for a whole dollar.  I had big intentions to turn it into something pretty and useful, but it wasn't until this summer I finally got around to it.  It was worth the wait.  It turns out a spoon rack doubles as the perfect necklace holder!


I have to admit, I had to dig this out of it's original spot to get some good photos.  Here it is in the dark dungeon of my closet in full working action:


Really necklaces are much prettier than spoons anyway. I've seen this exact one at a few thrift stores, apparently spoon collecting has gone out of style ; ) I'm glad I could give one a new home.

:) Christine


Great family.  Great food.  Great thanksgiving long weekend.

I just got home from my THIRD thanksgiving dinner.  I think I'm going to need some stretchy pants this week ;)  I hope you had a great weekend!

p.s. thanks for all the great dessert tips. I ended up making these and they were delish.

stretchy pants from Gap 

A Tale of Thanksgiving Pie

A few years ago we had a large thanksgiving dinner to attend and my sister, Michelle and I thought we'd show-off our baking talents and take care of dessert. Five delicious pumpkin pies. We put on our aprons, grabbed our ingredients and set to work.

My kitchen had recently gone through an organization vamp which included new fancy, clear tupperware containers to house my flour, sugar and... salt. We measured these well organized ingredients, plopped into pre-made pie crusts (come'on it was FIVE pies) and then into the oven.

Dessert? easy.

Well, let me tell you something: A large, clear container of sugar looks veerrry similar to a large, clear container of salt. Ya, that's right, instead of a couple cups of sugar we put in a couple cups of SALT. The pies looked.... odd. And they tasted TERRIBLE.

Dessert? Turns out not so easy.

Let this be a lesson to all, label your containers. Luckily, we had time to whip up another salt-free batch, and we will NEVER make that mistake again.

I'm in charge of dessert on Monday, here's hoping for something tastier than salt pies. Wish me luck ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

p.s. Any suggestions for a delicious thanksgiving dessert?

Block Calendar Rip-off

I was had! My so-called Value Village "score" turns out not to be. I posted a photo of my $1.99 block calendar yesterday and the sweet Sarah at sarah.wandering so kindly informed me she had one too! Only she paid $1 for it at Dollarama!!

I thought about storming my butt into Value Village demanding my 99 cents, haha, but this is just too funny!!  
I still love it.  Thanks for the laugh, Sarah!

Don't you like what Sarah did to hers?

October 5th


What day is it today... well, it's October 5th. Also known as the day my husband was born. He isn't much of a "birthday person" (yes, yes, apparently they happen every year),  but I think today's kind of a big deal. He's kind of a big deal. I wish you a happy, happy year ahead, Michael and I appreciate every year I get to spend with you.

I love you lots!

p.s. Do you like my new fancy block calendar?  I went treasure hunting a while back and found it at Value Village for $1.99.  Score!

Las Vegas

Yikes, I've been a bit MIA for awhile (I missed you blogs). Last week was super busy at work and then I was off gallivanting in Las Vegas with Mike and our good friends Karlene and Andrew. Karlene and Andrew are the parents to two adorable twin one year olds and this was their first weekend away from the girls to celebrate Karlene's 30th birthday. Happy Birthday, Karlene!!

I'm not much of a gambler so really I would have been happy just sitting my butt down at the pool for 3 days! But it was also a great weekend of shows, sun and of course, shopping! Me and j.crew had a great visit. Us poor Canadians have yet to be graced with the presence of a retail store, so whenever I'm in the states I like to hit up the real thing!  There was also some major food indulgences (Koi and Todd English Pub, YUM), but good lord did we walk it off! I have been to Vegas before but I always seem to forget how MUCH walking you do.


Another highlight was finding some new, beautiful hotels and let me tell you, I know where I'll be staying next time. The new City Center group of hotels are just stunning and they don't smell like an ashtray. We could also see the Cosmopolitan from our hotel so I had to look it up once I got home. It opens in December and it looks incredible:

images via the Cosmopolitan Hotel

If you're ever in Vegas and looking to stay somewhere with a little less "vegas cheese" I highly recommend checking these hotels out. Though a little "cheese" is always okay. It's Vegas after all :)

And because I can't resist, here's me and the girls on their first birthday (aren't they just the sweetest, little faces!?) I'm sure Karlene and Andrew were happy to get home to these smiling girls. Thanks for sharing your mom and dad with us - we had such a good time. Miss you!


I hope you had a great weekend too!