A Tale of Thanksgiving Pie

A few years ago we had a large thanksgiving dinner to attend and my sister, Michelle and I thought we'd show-off our baking talents and take care of dessert. Five delicious pumpkin pies. We put on our aprons, grabbed our ingredients and set to work.

My kitchen had recently gone through an organization vamp which included new fancy, clear tupperware containers to house my flour, sugar and... salt. We measured these well organized ingredients, plopped into pre-made pie crusts (come'on it was FIVE pies) and then into the oven.

Dessert? easy.

Well, let me tell you something: A large, clear container of sugar looks veerrry similar to a large, clear container of salt. Ya, that's right, instead of a couple cups of sugar we put in a couple cups of SALT. The pies looked.... odd. And they tasted TERRIBLE.

Dessert? Turns out not so easy.

Let this be a lesson to all, label your containers. Luckily, we had time to whip up another salt-free batch, and we will NEVER make that mistake again.

I'm in charge of dessert on Monday, here's hoping for something tastier than salt pies. Wish me luck ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

p.s. Any suggestions for a delicious thanksgiving dessert?


  1. Whoops!! I'm sure everyone has mixed up salt & sugar at least once. I know I have!!

    I have the most amazing carrot cake recipe. It's from the cookbook Rebar, and I often make it for special occasions. I'm making one to bring to T'giving dinner at a friend's house tomorrow. The cream cheese icing is the best part, but the cake part is pretty good too :-)

    Happy Turkey Day!!


  2. Awww, what a disaster! But so easy to happen!

    I'm not the biggest baker, so I don't have any good recipes.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you have a nice tasty piece of pie.

  3. Oh no. Pretty sure that could happen to me at any given moment. HA!

  4. I love this story - it's a great Thanksgiving Tale.. I am making pumpking pie for Sunday's feast too - note to self..sugar not salt..

    I love a good old fashioned apple crisp myself, but recently I heard some friends chatting about pumpkin cheesecake (Martha Stewart has one online) and boy - it sounds delish!

    Have a great thanksgiving..


  5. hmmm - I have always wanted to make a rainbow cake.
    I have added spices not realising they were hot and had people over for dinner - with their faces on fire!!!

  6. That is so hilarious...in a Lucille Ball kinda way!
    And, I think I once did something very similar as well!

  7. OH NO! How awful! :( At least you had time to fix it!

    Last year I made a chocolate raspberry cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert because we had a raspberry ice wine as well! This year my Mom is bringing us a chocolate caramel cheesecake! YUM!

    I think next year I may whip up a buttery apple cake. It's a barefoot contessa recipe and it's delicious and very appropriate for the fall!

    Happy Thanksgiving Christine! (by the way - did the book arrive to you safely??)

  8. mmm, cheesecake. Great suggestions, you guys are making me hungry!!

    Kerry, the book didn't arrive yet, but I'll keep my eye out for it next week and let you know!

  9. Aaaah! Oh no!!! hahaha
    That's really funny (well in retrospect I'm sure.)

    I'm sure this year's dessert will turn out just right! :o)

    happy Thanksgiving

  10. So funny (although I'm sure it wasn't at the time!)
    I ended up making lemon pie but you can't go wrong with a yummy apple crisp with french vanilla ice cream - yum!
    Hope you've had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend :)

  11. sounds like something i would do!! i'm scared of the kitchen.

    i've never made it... but my husband swears that pumkin cheesecake is not too hard....

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Makes me wish it was Thanksgiving in the States!

  13. oh no you didn't!

    who was the lucky person to test them out and discover the error?

    man am i ever stuffed!!! another delicious thanksgiving in the history books!

  14. I do remember that, and have not made a pumpkin pie since. But I did make everything else "Thanksgiving" today, without a hitch!

  15. Well Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
    That looks like a lesson to learn from. I loooove pumpkin pies though!

  16. oh man. Amazing! What a disaster! I could totally see myself doing something like that.


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