Happy Friday

A few (random) things that make me happy today...

J.Crew Finally Comes to Canada!!
It's still may be across the country... but at least it's my country. Baby steps, people, baby steps.
image via j.crew

The cactus my gma gave me bloomed! Yes, real flowers!! I've had a similar cactus for almost five years and it's only ever seen ONE flower.  This is kind of a big deal.

Snow.  Ok, this doesn't actually make me smile.  10 degrees to -20 degrees is kind of a shocker, but I'm trying the reverse psychology thing so I can actually get my butt out of bed in this weather.

Emma Watson's adorable new haircut - maybe that's old news now, but the new Harry Potter opens this weekend so it's relevant AND it makes me happy!
image via posh24.com

My office doggy, Tilly.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I am so jealous of your cactus! I have tried everything to make mine bloom like when it was given to me (2years ago). I am not jealous of your snow though.

  2. I love the reverse psychology plan! Except I've never lived anywhere where it snows before, so the snow for the forecast on Sunday is making me smile! Boy is it cold, though! And your dog is sooo cute

  3. I can not tell you how much I love

    1) JCrew - I ordered my very first sweater from them when I was 13 and never looked back.
    2) Miss Watson's hair. LOVE IT!

    Throw on some boots Christine and have a great weekend.

  4. How exciting was the JCrew news? Maybe you'll just have to come for a little visit to the T-dot when it opens and we can have a little blogger shopping party! :)

    As for the snow... my GOD! I don't know how you all do it out in Calgary! Brrrr... I'm a little chilly but we most definitely have not hit -20.... YET! (And I'm stretching the truth a tad... I lived in Ottawa for 4 years, so I'm used to those lowing dipping temps and lots of snow... -40, no biggie haha)

  5. Love, love JCrew and Emma's haircut will always be current:-). She is so gorgeous too! Happy weekend!

  6. Well, when are we going to go and see The Harry Potter Movie? I took a picture just like the one of your snow! Talk to you soon.

  7. Sarah - Thanks, done and done. I broke out my uggs and parka this morning!

    Kerry - I think a TO trip is definitely in order! My sister-in-law lives next door to West Elm!!
    p.s. I'm in Edmonton not Calgary - though I hear they have a ton of snow too!!

    Mom - That is your picture! I stole if from facebook! We have to make a Harry Potter date STAT, I'll call you.

  8. Love your pictures- yah J Crew (love that shot) and yahoo to your cactus- I understand your excitment- would be the same way I would feel if I could ever have an orchid re bloom after the dormant period- never once happened:( Anyhoo...have a great weekend!! xo

  9. You're AWESOME! :)
    I love J.Crew! It's fantastic! Also I love the sequins!
    snow is amazing! It makes the cold worthwhile (but this is coming from someone who has only been to the snow twice)


  10. OK I will wait for your call. I thought the picture looked like mine. LOL

  11. Very jealous about Jcrew - you can only buy a small selection online in the Uk and its much more expensive - i hope they open a shop!
    Cactus also looks so nice! I would be excited about the flowers too!

    Happy weekend
    Rachie xo

  12. Awwwww, Tilly is so cute! :-) Love Emma Watson's hair, and congrats on the blooming cactus :-)

    Enjoy your weekend - hope it's snow-free!


  13. Ah Tilly, too cute! Have a great weekend!

  14. I am so happy for you that you will be finally able to shop at J Crew - I am warning you - very dangerous for your wallet!

  15. Aw, your mom reads and comments on your blog!So sweet! Yay for jcrew....and I don't know much about the Harry Potter thing, but I have another shameful teen addiction, so I'll keep quiet. :)

  16. that snow makes me really happy - can't wait to see it in a month!!!

    i'm not a harry potter watcher, but i do like emma's new haircut! she's a cute gal!

    and what a precious office doggy!! have a fun weekend :)

  17. Can I just say that I love Emma Watson's new haircut! I am normally not a short-short hair fan, but it really suits her well.

    I am jealous about the snow, but I am happy that it's not -20 here!

  18. I'm thrilled about J Crew too... finally!
    I love it when your plants bloom after so long, I always think it means that something special is about to happen.
    Have a great weekend, darling!

  19. I am in love with Emma Watson right now! And I am so happy that you have J. Crew! I hope the first thing that you buy is that sparkly sweater!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  20. OHMYGOSH! J Crew. Makes my little heart sing!! And that hair cut, yes I love it. I couldn't imagine going for it though!! So short and what a big change from long hair!! !Happy Sunday love bug xo

  21. excited for you to have jcrew!

    love emma watson!

  22. wahoo for Jcrew! and that haircut is so fab on miss watson-wish i could pull something like that off!

  23. what a cute little doggie!

    and while it's snowing where you are, we are having 70 degree days over here. how crazy!

  24. Thanks so much for the bday wishes, Christine! :) Hope you had a fab weekend! And Congrats on the new J.crew yay! I'm so obsessed lately!


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