Puffed Wheat Squares

What do you do when you're craving some sweet baking and have NO FLOUR?
Three words: puffed wheat squares.

I whipped these up at about 9:00pm last night and they most definitely hit the spot. I forgot how easy and delicious these are! Throw some puffed wheat in a bowl, heat your choco mixture on the stove, mix it up and eat! If you're patient you can let them set in the fridge for awhile but, take it from me, they are still tasty all warm and crumbly!


Chocolatey, wheaty goodness. The perfect late night snack. Okay and I might have had them for breakfast today too... puffed wheat is sort of cereal, right?

And courtesy of the bag of Safeway Puffed Wheat here's the recipe:
8 cups puffed wheat
1/3 cup butter or margarine
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla

1) Measure puffed wheat into large bowl.
2) Combine remaining ingredients into saucepan. Stir continuously over medium heat until mixture boils.
Boil 1 minute and remove from heat.
3) Pour mixture over puffed wheat and mix well.
4) Pour and press into a greased 9x9 pan.



  1. Great idea. What do you put in the choco mixture?

  2. Hey Maggie, I added the recipe to the post. Check it out :)

  3. These are my favorite! I have never been able to make them and have them stick together though. You always have to eat my with a spoon. You could always make these for a little surprise for your mom sometime you know :). Hint hint.

  4. My Manitoba-Gramma used to make these! Oh how happy you have made me today....mine were always missing *something*....COCOA! Who knew? Muah! You did.

  5. Yes you're genius! I actually have a fabulous version of this recipe that I'm sure you'd love! you've inspired me to make it... Next week then gorg! and by the way, if my wedding looks like that and I actually meet a man who i can imagine spending my life with, you my friend, are coming!
    xox tash

  6. Oh yum!! Sometimes the best snacks are the ones created in desperation!!

  7. i have to give that a try - looks so good!

  8. Oh, wow. Christine, I will pay your flight to Panama if you'll bring me some of these treats ;) LOL
    Looks and sounds delicious!
    I wonder if I can find puffed wheat around here? I sure will try!
    *Tania aka TLC_Designs on twitter

  9. Haha, Tania, DEAL! I'll meet you at the airport ;)

  10. Dharma - cocoa is the most important part!! otherwise it's just sticky cereal! Glad I could help.

    tash - can't wait to see your recipe too! And YES, I'm so there when that day comes :)

  11. Looks tasty. Would give it a shot. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. What the heck are you lighting these photos with?? So bright and sharp, but shadowless too. Love it. Don't tell me it's on-camera-flash, I won't believe you.

  13. Haha, thanks Jason. No camera flash, just some perfectly placed (sometimes) dining room windows.

  14. How is it possible that I have never heard of these? They look amazing!

  15. Looks, and sounds delicious!


  16. Yum! I could go for one right about now.

  17. mmm these look so great! I'm printing out this recipe right now for all of my late-night sweet attacks :)

  18. I have to ask (if anyone is back to re-read comments) are puffed wheat squares a Canadian or even an Albertan thing?? These things run right along rice krispie squares, so I'm super shocked some of you haven't heard of them?

  19. i want that so bad right now that i am angry that i don't!!

    so yummy & i'm so hungry!

  20. Yummy! Who needs flour, as long as there's chocolate in the house!


  21. Just made two batches for my grade three's bake sale today. What do you think, 50 or 25 cents each?

  22. drool. this reminds me of that cereal, smax. i don't even know if they sell it anymore!

    by the way, thanks so much for your suggestion of the chocolate pumpkin cheesecake bars for thanksgiving. i'm going to give it a try!

  23. I think these are an Alberta thing as anyone I know NOT from here has never heard of them! Thx for sharing the recipe from the bag, I bought puffed wheat today to make these, and have been googling for about 45 mins before I found you!


  24. ok yep, perfect!!! thx again!!! :D


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