What I Learned This Christmas...

Christmas 2010, what I learned...
It takes a minimum 6 tries to get a good self-timer family photo. (note, missing brother represented by photo held by mom).

Nerf toys make great $10 gifts. The boys (young and old) loved them. But consider yourself warned: don't get your arse anywhere near these boys while they're at it.


It's not Alex, it's Superman.


I love my beautiful new 50mm f1.8 lens. The depth of field on this lens is blurry heaven.
My mom-in-law has some serious painting skills - check out the beautiful mug she painted for me.


It's not a party till someone is wearing a moustache.


And now onto 2011... Happy New Year to you!!

Eat, drink and wear something sparkly!
xo, Christine


  1. Hahaha! The superman photo is precious!
    And the timer ones are like one of those spot the difference games hehe.
    Your mug is beautiful I've been meaning to get one of those white ones. I'm glad this re-inspires me :o)
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Such a cute post!!! A very Happy New Years to you my fellow Christine! xoxo

  3. That mug is beautiful! Your mom-in-law should go into business! I thought at first you had bought it at Starbucks because of the colors! Happy 2011!!!

  4. Nice pictures Christine. The nerf guns were a hit! The old boys loved them. Love the Alex picture, he is such a card! Can't wait to see more pictures. Happy New Year to you and Michael.

  5. Looks like some good times! Love the mug :)
    Happy New Year Christine! I hope 2011 is good to you xo

  6. The mug is so beautiful! Happy New year hun
    Rachie xo

  7. happy new year girly! love these picts, and yay for your new lens, it's a great one!

  8. new follower here! so glad i found your fabulous blog! happy 2011!! :)


  9. Great pictures! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas... wishing you all the best in 2011 dear! x

  10. I love my Nikon camera... Took a photography course at the Metro in the fall, and plan on a few more in the new year!! Aren't cameras wonderful?!

  11. Looks like the older "boys" fancied nerf just a little more! hahaha And I also had "timed" family pictures as such..I thought my head was going to pop off at the amount of tries it took! Hope you had a wonderful time in the tropics, Christine! Happy New Year, love! :)

  12. looks like fun!!! hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!!!

  13. Looks like a fantastic Christmas! I love all of the pictures (that is a good lens to have!) and your beautiful mug!


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