New Orleans, Must Eat: Beignets!

Everyone told us that we had to go to Cafe Du Monde for beignets.  My first thought was, wait a minute, we have these in Canada - they're called fry bread or funnel cakes or elephant ears....  Either way, they're deep fried dough covered in icing sugar so naturally, I was intrigued.

Mike and I hit up the cafe our first day in NOLA and again once we met up with my brother, Steven and his girlfriend, Brittany.  Lunch day 1 and lunch day 2 (I love traveling).  I was told it was a bit touristy, but sooo worth it.  Even in the chilly weather it was plum full, but the crowds moved quickly and we dived into these beauties right away.

Delicious, warm, sugary goodness.


And because it was chilly and we were looking for an "excuse" to get out of the cold, we hit up Cafe Beignet for comparison sake. 


Equally doughy, equally sugary, equally delicious.  Can you really screw up deep fried dough covered in sugar?  The answer is no.  No, you cannot.

New Orleans: International House Hotel

I love planning and researching (nerdy, I know) and finding that perfect spot to lay our heads when we travel is one of my favourite parts of the job.

After relaxing in Cuba our next stop (after a fun day in TO) was New Orleans, Louisiana.  We stayed at the perfectly pretty International House Hotel while we were there.   It's gorgeous isn't it?

Unfortunately, our tiny room wasn't near as grand as this beautiful penthouse ($112/night won't buy you a view) but the lobby, lounge, and even elevator made up for it. The interior design of this place was incredible.

all images above via K Hotels
They even have windowless "Rockstar Rooms" for those partying it up on Bourbon Street all night, though I think I'd prefer that view at the top!


Happy Weekend, peeps!

Scenes from Cuba

First stop on our trip was ringing in the new year with Mike's family on a resort in Cuba. This was Mike and I's second trip to Cuba, our first trip we were a bit more adventurous. We went and saw Havana (amazing) and toured a few islands, but this trip was a bit more low-key and relaxing. The kind of slow, easy days where the biggest decision of the day was beach or pool? or what board game are we going to play tonight?
Rough life, I know.

I was actually so relaxed that I uncharacteristically took very few photos, just soaked it all up and enjoyed the moment. Here are a few scenes and views from the comfort of my lounge chair:


Oh! and amidst all the relaxing and drinking, there was a shark that swam to join our party! yes, a shark!


*sigh* I feel warmer just looking at these pics.

Back to Reality

You know sometimes there is time to decorate, read magazines and blog about pretty things and other times my weekend is spent catching up on laundry, friends, family and (thinking about) cleaning.

After a 2 1/2 week post Christmas vacation, I thought maybe I should get around to taking down the tree this weekend:

Just keeping it real, folks :)

I hope your weekend was lovely,

p.s. A huge happy 30th birthday to my favourite brother!! Love you lots :)

Birthday boy on the left, husband on the right.  New Orleans, 2011

Style at Home: Featured Blogger

Guys, I've got some pretty exciting news... one my favourite magazines, Style at Home is blogging about me (yes, ME?) as their featured blog today.

photo of me above by 6:8 photography

I am beyond flattered, I am a loyal Style at Home' er (just ask my husband how many magazines I have stockpiled around the house ;)  A huge thank you to the lovely Lauren for interviewing me, check it out here.

I blog because it makes me happy and I quite like you guys out there in blogland.  Thanks for reading and thank you again to Style at Home for the feature!  For the sake of reminiscing, here's a little photo tour of some of my favourite bits and pieces over the past nine months (click on the photos to see the posts):

IMG_0366 copy

:) Christine

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Oh hello blog, how I've missed you.

I'm just back from vacation and, aside from a few scheduled posts, have been on a nice looong break from my friend the internet. I'm not going to lie, it felt pretty good to unplug for a while. I've lounged away on a beach, celebrated a birthday (28 woot!), hung out with my brother, and ate some deeelicious southern food in the last 2 1/2 weeks. phew! It's good to be home, I've missed y'all. (yes, I apparently picked up a southern accent while I was at it).

I came home to RECORD breaking amounts of snow (seriously, I could barely see my house when I pulled into my neighbourhood) so, mentally, I'm trying to keep myself back here right about now:


Would you like to join me?

:) Christine

Must Eat: Pomegranates

It certainly has been a few weeks of indulgence - gravy covered turkey, mashed potatoes, perogies dripping in butter, cookies, chocolate, and more cookies. It's all good, sinfully good, but one of my favourite eats to munch on this time of year is simply a pomegranate.

I've been eating these things like candy. Sweet, delicious candy.

There is just no way these things can be good for you...


Are you drooling yet?

I Heart Penguin Classics

I blogged about the new Penguin Classics for Children here and I can tell you they are even prettier in person.  Check them out on my console table:


There is something to be said for a beautiful book.   I love to read and somehow reading from something this pretty makes it that much more enjoyable.

But as much as I love these, I have to tell you,  I am reaaally loving my new kindle!