New Orleans: International House Hotel

I love planning and researching (nerdy, I know) and finding that perfect spot to lay our heads when we travel is one of my favourite parts of the job.

After relaxing in Cuba our next stop (after a fun day in TO) was New Orleans, Louisiana.  We stayed at the perfectly pretty International House Hotel while we were there.   It's gorgeous isn't it?

Unfortunately, our tiny room wasn't near as grand as this beautiful penthouse ($112/night won't buy you a view) but the lobby, lounge, and even elevator made up for it. The interior design of this place was incredible.

all images above via K Hotels
They even have windowless "Rockstar Rooms" for those partying it up on Bourbon Street all night, though I think I'd prefer that view at the top!


Happy Weekend, peeps!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it Christine. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! xx

  2. One of my good friends from New Orleans claims everything is better there;) This looks like one fabulous place!

  3. obsessing about every hotel option is the best part of planning a trip! and then when you arrive you recognize the name of every hotel you pass!

    cuba looks amazing too!

  4. Wow very cool. I too love the planning part. It gets me excited and almost maximizes the whole vacation thing!

  5. OH NOLA, how I love thee!

  6. Oh I hope you had fun in NOLA!! I lived there for four years and miss it dearly!!

    Beautiful hotel!!

  7. SHUT UP. This is beautiful!!! Fit for a queen (:

  8. gorgeous hotel! Just happened upon your blog and am loving it!

  9. Wow, this is one NICE place! I've never been to New Orleans but I would absolutely love to go one day!!
    Nancy xo

  10. my oh my! such a lovely place to stay~ i also think it is so fun to research great places to stay on vaca! hope your weekend is wonderful~

  11. Its totally gorgeous - i love staying at design hotels - this one is fab!
    Rachie xo


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