Saltwater Sandals!

I am on a fun mail roll, people! In addition to all the goodies I told you about last week, I also received these super cute Saltwater sandals in the mail. I won these cuties via Jason's blog, These Roving Eyes. He is an amazing photographer and took all the gorgeous photos for Saltwater (hop on over to their site and to his blog for more eye candy).

And although I may not have a little bebe of my own, I am going to be an auntie twice in June (for my sis and best friend)! I thought this classic navy colour was perfectly gender neutral for "unknown baby to be".


I'm told they will be available to purchase online in the next month and at Canadian retailers in May. Thanks so much to Saltwater Sandals and Jason Hudson for the sweet giveaway!

Happy Monday peeps!

:) Christine

Sending Love to NZ

I've been having a few blah sick days lately. The kind of days you can't get out of bed or muster up the energy to get some tea from the kitchen.  But it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you think about the more serious and devastating things that have happened this week.  I couldn't believe it when I heard the news about the earthquake in New Zealand.  My thoughts immediately went to my friend Justine, who is currently living in Christchurch and thanks to some loving angels, is safe :)

It made me step back out of my sick funk and be thankful. Thankful my friends are safe. Thankful Justine is okay, scared and shaken up I'm sure, but okay.  She is such a lovely, sweet girl and my heart goes out to her, her friends and her NZ 'family'.  Read this article describing Justine's incredible story here and here and please send your love and thoughts to all the people in New Zealand. Stay safe, mates, especially you Justiney!

photo by Justine Ma, a building behind where she lives
photo by Justine Ma
lots of love,

If you wish to donate to those in need in NZ, visit the Salvation Army here.

A Little Retail Therapy

My mom tells me even as a little girl I had expensive taste.   Not only that, but I also have a nickel allergy that allows me to only wear the "good stuff" as they say - gold, gold plated, etc. I can cheat sometimes but will pay the price with an itchy, red ear or neck (not pretty).

I've been spending a fair amount of time on Etsy lately (ok, always) and found a gorgeous pair of earrings that, hooray, do not sacrifice quality.

earrings and images above via Cheeks and Lola

Available at Cheeks and Lola they are nickel free, gold plated and the best part is, they were only $5.00!


Speaking of retail therapy, I just wanted to thank two of my favourite girlies, Marie and Karlene, for a fabulous girls weekend. We slept in, watched chick flicks, ate, drank, shopped.  I think it's safe to say we all indulged a little this weekend and, although I would have been happy lounging in our pj's all day, you girls deserved it!  Love you both!

Hope you all had a great long weekend too. 
:) Christine

p.s. Not that I need any encouragement, but any great etsy shops on your radar? do tell.

I Heart My Family

It's 'Family Day' long weekend here in Alberta so I wanted to send a shoutout to all my family out there.
Love ya!

sister, dad, brother, me, mom - photo by pink sugar photography
Although I won't be hanging with any of the crazy cooks above, (don't worry I'm sure my parents won't mind as they lay on the beach in Hawaii, pfft) I'll be thinking of you!

Two of my favourite girls from BC are coming to stay with me this weekend for some much needed girl time. I'm taking an extra long weekend (woot!) so I'll see y'all next week.

Have a great weekend, peeps.

:) Christine

The Little Things: Fun Mail!

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to something exciting (ie. not bills) sitting on my kitchen counter. That's right, fun mail!!

I had a particularly fun 'fun mail' day last week...

First up, this lovely brass apple from Hudson & Co - that's right people, brass is back. Me and Etsy have been really good friends lately and I just couldn't say no to this guy. I think he'll find a home in my guest bedroom.
Check out Erin's shop here.

Also on the counter was Fred Jr! sent to us by my super sweet sis-in-law. Mike and I were eying him up at West Elm in TO last month and Laura so kindly sent him our way.
I'll be sure show you when he finds a home in our house.

And to top it all off, fun mail day was followed my other favourite, "magazine day" with my J.crew, Anthropologie, and Style at Home mags all arriving.

Just some of those little things that make me happy. The best part about fun mail? Even if it's addressed to both of us, Mike leaves them just for me to open. Love that, guy :)

Valentine's Day: I've Got Designs On You!


Yaaaa... I don't know what it means either, but I think it's sweet.

Happy Love Day!
xoxo, Christine

Inspiration: Dish Towel (via Sarah 101)

Did you see the new episode of Sarah 101 last night? Adorable. I really quite liked these two kids rooms. And the best part, the fact that the inspiration all came from Anthropologie dish towels. So simple, so brilliant.
Sarah turned the towels into pillowcases and a clothes hamper, but wouldn't these make great framed art too? $28 for art is much more reasonable than $28 for a dish towel that probably doesn't dry worth crap anyway! (ugh. fancy dish towels are the worst)
images above via Anthropologie

And a peak at the final rooms...

image via Sarah Richardson on facebook

Check out the full recaps (and more pics!) of last night's episodes at the lovely blogs Rambling Renovators, Desire to Decorate, Jax Does Design and Decor Happy.


Sarah Richardson (and me), Edmonton Reno Show

This past weekend we Edmontonians were lucky to have the lovely Sarah Richardson stop by for a visit at the Edmonton Reno Show. Yes, the Sarah Richardson.  Canadian sweetheart, designer, producer, tv host - is there anything this girl can't do? My mom-in-law is also a fan and we grabbed some front row seats to check her out. As always she was chalk full of great advice and tips and, in general, such a lovely and charming little lady.


After the show, Sarah graciously stuck around to chat with her fans where I was able to "meet" her and nab an adorable photo of her and Tommy. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit starstruck. I'm pretty sure I blurted something unintelligent (something about liking that dragon fabric) before I was shuffled along.  Unfortunately, no chance for a photo op, but that's me down in the photo below with her in the background.
Totally counts ;)

I've really been enjoying the new Sarah 101, even when I don't 100% love all the rooms I always take something away from the show. That girl is a wealth of knowledge, I tell ya.  Can't wait for the new Sarah's House coming in the fall!

p.s. If you haven't heard of Sarah (um, my best friend I'm looking at YOU... seriously, how are we friends? I kid, I kid) go check her out here.

:) Christine

New Orleans: The Garden District

When I win a million dollars one of my many houses (come'on, I won the lottery) will most definitely be in the Garden District in New Orleans.  Now if I could only decide which one...

We spent a brisk afternoon strolling through the beautiful streets (well, Mike strolled and I followed slowly behind taking pictures pretty much every step I took).  Let's take a tour shall we?


Would you like to come be my house guest... I'll have an extra house in the back ; )