A Little Retail Therapy

My mom tells me even as a little girl I had expensive taste.   Not only that, but I also have a nickel allergy that allows me to only wear the "good stuff" as they say - gold, gold plated, etc. I can cheat sometimes but will pay the price with an itchy, red ear or neck (not pretty).

I've been spending a fair amount of time on Etsy lately (ok, always) and found a gorgeous pair of earrings that, hooray, do not sacrifice quality.

earrings and images above via Cheeks and Lola

Available at Cheeks and Lola they are nickel free, gold plated and the best part is, they were only $5.00!


Speaking of retail therapy, I just wanted to thank two of my favourite girlies, Marie and Karlene, for a fabulous girls weekend. We slept in, watched chick flicks, ate, drank, shopped.  I think it's safe to say we all indulged a little this weekend and, although I would have been happy lounging in our pj's all day, you girls deserved it!  Love you both!

Hope you all had a great long weekend too. 
:) Christine

p.s. Not that I need any encouragement, but any great etsy shops on your radar? do tell.

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