The Little Things: Fun Mail!

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to something exciting (ie. not bills) sitting on my kitchen counter. That's right, fun mail!!

I had a particularly fun 'fun mail' day last week...

First up, this lovely brass apple from Hudson & Co - that's right people, brass is back. Me and Etsy have been really good friends lately and I just couldn't say no to this guy. I think he'll find a home in my guest bedroom.
Check out Erin's shop here.

Also on the counter was Fred Jr! sent to us by my super sweet sis-in-law. Mike and I were eying him up at West Elm in TO last month and Laura so kindly sent him our way.
I'll be sure show you when he finds a home in our house.

And to top it all off, fun mail day was followed my other favourite, "magazine day" with my J.crew, Anthropologie, and Style at Home mags all arriving.

Just some of those little things that make me happy. The best part about fun mail? Even if it's addressed to both of us, Mike leaves them just for me to open. Love that, guy :)

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