Saltwater Sandals!

I am on a fun mail roll, people! In addition to all the goodies I told you about last week, I also received these super cute Saltwater sandals in the mail. I won these cuties via Jason's blog, These Roving Eyes. He is an amazing photographer and took all the gorgeous photos for Saltwater (hop on over to their site and to his blog for more eye candy).

And although I may not have a little bebe of my own, I am going to be an auntie twice in June (for my sis and best friend)! I thought this classic navy colour was perfectly gender neutral for "unknown baby to be".


I'm told they will be available to purchase online in the next month and at Canadian retailers in May. Thanks so much to Saltwater Sandals and Jason Hudson for the sweet giveaway!

Happy Monday peeps!

:) Christine

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