Sending Love to NZ

I've been having a few blah sick days lately. The kind of days you can't get out of bed or muster up the energy to get some tea from the kitchen.  But it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you think about the more serious and devastating things that have happened this week.  I couldn't believe it when I heard the news about the earthquake in New Zealand.  My thoughts immediately went to my friend Justine, who is currently living in Christchurch and thanks to some loving angels, is safe :)

It made me step back out of my sick funk and be thankful. Thankful my friends are safe. Thankful Justine is okay, scared and shaken up I'm sure, but okay.  She is such a lovely, sweet girl and my heart goes out to her, her friends and her NZ 'family'.  Read this article describing Justine's incredible story here and here and please send your love and thoughts to all the people in New Zealand. Stay safe, mates, especially you Justiney!

photo by Justine Ma, a building behind where she lives
photo by Justine Ma
lots of love,

If you wish to donate to those in need in NZ, visit the Salvation Army here.

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