Guest Post: One Way Ticket

My sweet bloggy friend, Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! asked me to guest post while she is off gallivanting in Paris and Belgium (lucky duck!).  Hop on over to her blog to check out my 'one way ticket' back to bella italia!

Oh sweet memories....

Vernazza, Italy in the Cinque Terre

Treasure Hunting: Knobs

I hit up an Antique Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre this past weekend for some treasure hunting.  Think rows upon rows of stuff - dishes, toys, records, you name it.  We were there for literally hours and I'm pretty sure I still didn't see everything.  All that great stuff and I came out with just one small treasure, these beautiful glass knobs.

They have sort of an 'anthropologie-esque' look and a rustic charm (read: rust) that I quite like.  And at $3.50 each, I'm quite happy with my little treasure.


I'm thinking I'm going to replace the knobs on our bedside tables with these beauties.  I'll post a photo soon, I just need to clear of the millions of books and lotions living there first...

Christine :)

More Outdoor Dreaming...

I am in love with this outdoor space from Style at Home. I love the unexpected look of the black and white combined with greenery.  And it kind of reminds me of my wedding colours which, of course, I like ;)

Beautiful photos above by photographer, Edward Pond via Style at Home
Can you tell I'm excited for summer??


Blog Love: All Kinds of Lovely

I just have to share a new blog on my radar.  Dajana (pronounced Diana because I just couldn't bear you all pronouncing it Duh-janna in your heads) has been blogging for a few months now and not only is she a great bloggy friend but she's a great real-life friend of mine too.  She is one of those people who is always 'in the know', loves to research and has incredible taste - and I'm not just saying that because half of our closets are identical!  All Kinds of Lovely is about all sorts of fun things - travel, fashion, decor and food!  She blogs about all the fun things in her life and, let me tell you, this girl knows how to enjoy life!

Dajana is an amazing friend, a great writer, and really just one of those people you like to be around.  She is, well, lovely.  Please stop on by to her blog All Kinds of Lovely and say hello!

p.s. the girl wears foxes on her legs! How could you not like a gal like that!?  Love ya, D :)

images above via all kinds of lovely

Dreaming of Patio Days

It finally feels like there is a light at the end of the tunnel... warm, sunny, light. Though there is still snow on the ground and a call for more snow tomorrow, I am not phased. Winter is definitely in the past and I am so ready for sunny days sitting in the sunshine. 

Although we can't quite see our deck yet, I'm mentally planning/decorating a comfy lounge space.  I've been eying up a few lounge pieces at IKEA and want to include some of these tables I spotted at Superstore from PC Home.  I'm thinking a yellow one... the brighter the better at this point. 
PC Folding Tray Table - $25/each
images via PC Home, everyday living on facebook

PC Cube Side Table - $29/each
images via PC Home, everyday living on facebook

They've got some great stuff at Superstore right now - bright sunny and affordable. And for stuff I get to use maybe 4 out of the 12 months, that sounds just perfect.

Love it.


Baby Wood Shower

I cannot tell you how excited we all are to meet this baby girl... my niece and the first grandchild in the family. Here are some pics from the baby shower I threw last weekend in honour of little miss baby Wood.


My sister and little baby were very spoiled. The fun part was trying to fit all the shower goodies plus all Michelle's shopping into the suitcase... 100lbs and what felt like hours later, yes, it eventually did all fit (just).


Thanks to all the ladies for coming!

Mama and Baby Wood

Friday already!? Yay! I've been crazy busy this past week hanging with my preggers sister whose been in town from Manitoba. Along with many (many) hours of baby shopping, we threw her a party to celebrate the baby-to-be!

I've been dying to show you some pics but, sadly, there was a little accident with my camera and all my photos from the shower were deleted (nooooo). I've spent the last few days doing some troubleshooting and have found a way to recover them! I must say I'm pretty proud of my geeky self. Turns out we had a handy little program at work called Data Rescue that saved the day. So, just an FYI, if something like this ever happens to you there is still hope!

I'll be back next week to share the rest of the photos from the party, but for now here's a peek at the invite my mom and I made:


Happy Weekend :)