Must Eat: Cry Baby Cookies

Thank you all for your sweet congrats on my new niece. I just couldn't wait to hold her so I hopped on a plane and spent most of last week in Manitoba with my sister. She is seriously the sweetest little babe and I loved every second just hanging out and snuggling.

In honour of baby Sydney, I whipped up a batch of our family favourite cookies, cry babies. My Grandma Wild makes these delicious, cakey cookies and they are a favourite among me and pretty much all my cousins. We spent many days "sneaking" into the deep freeze to sneak one (or five) of these babies.


They are a soft, gingery, cake-like cookie with the perfect touch of sweetness. My grandma says they're called cry babies because of the way the icing melts like tears across a fresh from the oven cookie. * Icing them while hot is a definite must.


The recipe makes a lot of cookies, my mom and I were baking and icing pretty much all afternoon. You might want to consider halving the recipe, but they do freeze verrry nicely. Man, why didn't I take some home with me???

Cry Babies

1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups margarine
2 beaten eggs
3/4 cup light molasses
1 1/2 cups hot water with 3 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp ginger
1 1/2 tsp salt
6 cups of flour

Mix all ingredients together until well combined.

note: I often half the recipe and still get nearly 4 dozen cookies!


Drop from a spoon (or one of those handy dandy melon scoops) onto baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Frost while warm with icing sugar and milk frosting. Just add milk to icing sugar until you find the right consistency - smooth but not too runny.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said a LOT of cookies - the table was covered:

I was happy to see my bro-in-law, Adam, using the adorable, err manly plate I got him for Christmas. But, trust me, there are no leftovers when cry babies are involved.

I'm thinking I might start a new tradition making these every time someone close to me has a baby. Next up my best friend Taryn who is due in a week! Can you tell we have baby fever around here??

Hope you enjoy!!



  1. I'm about to bawl my head off just looking at them. My mom makes the un-iced version. We have, apparently, been ROBBED...


  2. No icing? SHAME! You are missing out girl ;)

  3. My mouth started watering the second I saw those. They are definitely going into the rotation:)

  4. Okay I am convinced I must make these asap! :D

  5. those look delicious! i am all about the cakey cookies. amazing pictures, too, by the way!!

  6. I'm so copying this recipe, my kids would be all other these. They love ginger cookies, and with icing...

  7. Yummy! How fun. I think I'd love this recipe (:

  8. I've never heard of these cookies before! However, I love gingerbread and I love icing, so something tells me I would eat every last one of these if I got my paws on them :-)

  9. Oh I love gingery cookies! And the way the icing melts makes it impossible to resist.

  10. YUM! These sound like the perfect way to celebrate a new baby's arrival!

  11. These look sooooo good! Mmmm (all cookies look good right about now though!) haha Thanks for sharing lady (though I can't imagine I'll be doing much baking in the next little bit... standing is getting hard enough!

  12. These look truly AMAZING! I love icing... yummo!

  13. K these looks super delish Christine ;) I'm drooling!!!

  14. We had fun baking these cookies. Adam made a good impression with his new boss by taking a plate full over to him. Also it was a good payment for borrowing the neighbors lawn mower. I thought it was going to take all day with all of the pictures, but in the end they are really worth the time. Great job Christine.

  15. These look delish girly, and yay for baby fever:)

  16. Mmmm...I think I need to pull the next container out of the freezer. We miss you!

  17. How delish! Love the plate AND congats on the niece. My sister is about to have her 3rd but first boy - can't wait! Now my son won't be the only grandson among ALL the girls :)

  18. ummmm....i want one of those. right. now.


  19. My stepmom said that she used to eat these with some sort of maple icing on them... any ideas?


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