Nursery: Home Sense Score!

Yesterday I was over at First Time Fancy blogging some of my recent baby finds including this adorable Jonathan Adler lamp.  It's so sleek yet cute in a not-too-baby way.  However, it's $350 (!) so would remain a distant dream on my wish list.

image via

But just you wait, dear internet... the other day I was in Home Sense and spotted this guy for only $29.99:

It came with the blue shade on the left, but I'm planning on swapping that out for a solid white one like the one on the right (I just stole that one temporarily from my bedroom lamp).

Yes, it's a total knock off but can I justify spending $350 on a lamp? NO. Would my husband have a heart attack if spent $350 lamp? YES. Thank you Jonathan Adler for the inspiration :) and thank you Home Sense for the $29.99 price tag.


Baby Emry Shower (and cake pops!)

It was a beautiful weekend of sunshine, parties, and cute little babies. Here are a few photos from Emry's baby shower this weekend.


The hit of the party (besides the cute babies, of course) had to be the cake pops. I'd been dying to make these timbit cake pops created by Lindsay at Little House Blog for ages and they were a huge success! Seriously, I whipped these up the morning of the party in under half an hour. Fast, easy, and best of all, DELICIOUS. It helps that a new pregnancy craving of mine just happens to be timbits ;) Thanks so much, Lindsay for such a great idea! Click here for instructions.


In other baby news, my sweet bloggy friend, Kerry welcomed a beautiful baby girl this past Saturday. I'm so happy to be guest blogging for her today so she can enjoy every sweet second with her new little girl, Halle. Pop on over, say hello and check out a few things currently "on my baby radar".

Happy Wednesday all!

Pretty Paper: Baby Shower for Mr. Emry

With all these sweet little babes in my life comes the sweet little parties! yay. I'll be throwing a shower this weekend in honour of my best friend's little guy, Emry. Here's a sneak peek at the invite I created:


Emry is such a sweet little mister. Here he is with his girlfriend, my niece Sydney, unless I end up having a girl then sorry Sydney he's taken ;)

Emry, Sydney and my future baby in the belly!
I'm wrangling some things together this week to get ready for the shower and think I might even try my hand at these cake pops created by the lovely Lindsay at Little House Blog (such a great idea!). Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday!

Nursery: Crib Hunt

I am so happy to let the nursery planning begin! I don't know what it is, but I hit the 6 month mark and all of a sudden a fire was lit under me. I started saving nursery inspiration pics, let's face it, well before we were blessed with this little baby so I definitely have no shortage of ideas.

First things first, the crib. Being that this is the biggest piece and the focal point of the room I knew I wanted to start here. At first I thought this would be really easy, I'd had my eye on a specific crib style for years. But true to mine and Mike's usual fashion we felt we had to research, shop, and exhaust every other possible option to make sure this was indeed the winner.

Here are a few on the list:
OEUF Classic Crib, $999.99 - $1,549.97 CDN
Leander Convertible Crib, $1419 CDN
Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Convertible Crib, $389USD (+shipping/handling)

So after tons of online research and checking out all our local stores I realized cribs aren't cheap, especially the streamlined modern kind I was gravitating towards. And in reality, this was really my second favourite style of crib. I still had my heart set on my first choice, the Jenny Lind Style crib.
DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib, $169USD (+shipping/handling)

I just love the classic, vintage look and mixed with some modern elements I think it will look just adorable in the room. It's so sweet and charming, isn't it?

Here are a few inspiration pics of it in action.

via Allyson Baker Design
via gus and lula
via aubrey and lindsay's little house blog
via making it lovely

Long story short, after calling around to all my local stores, emails with a few Canadian distributors, this crib was NOT easy to find. I was hoping to purchase somewhere a little closer to home but no such luck. I ended up finding the crib at a steal of a price $169 at After shipping and duties, the grand total came to well below any of the other cribs I was looking at. Win. Win.

So the Jenny Lind it is, my first choice AND it was the cheapest one - that never happens.

It feels so good to make some progress. Crib - CHECK!


Must Eat: La Poutine

My brother and his girlfriend, Brittany, are in town visiting from Mississippi. This is Brittany's first time in Canada so we had to make sure we showed it off in all it's Canadian glory. I've been busy playing tourist in my own town exploring all the gems in Edmonton which, in my opinion, must include FOOD!

We couldn't think of a better Canadian food to start with than some local cuisine from La Poutine! Bonjour.

Lucky for me, there were four hungry people in our crew so we were able to try quite a few varieties. From left to right: Traditional (x2), Italian, and the Supreme.  I'm a traditionalist and love the plain ol' fries, curds and vegan Quebecois gravy but the Italian was surprisingly delicious!  Who knew so many things tasted good with fries and gravy?

If you're in Edmonton, I highly recommend checking out La Poutine.  I think it's safe to say Brittany enjoyed it too as she is already itching to go back.  Welcome to Canada, girlie!  I hope you brought stretchy pants ; )


Oh Baby! 24 Weeks

24 weeks pregnant and currently loving...
- every roll, kick and elbow
- seeing baby kick from the outside! So beautiful and creepy all at the same time.
- a new found shelf that saves things that mysteriously fall into my cleavage... popcorn, necklaces, you name it.
- watching my sister and best friend with their new babes. They are both incredible, inspiring new mamas and I am so proud of them. I can't wait for future play dates.
- finally purchasing the crib for the nursery - the ball is rolling!
- frosted flakes, cookies n' cream hard ice cream (preferably in a waffle cone, preferably a fresh baked waffle cone), chocolate soy milk, watermelon, um...FOOD.

Only 4 more months to go!

My House: Backyard Bliss, Sources

My brother and sister are in town visiting and I took some days off last week to spend time with my family. I've been enjoying baby cuddles, ridiculous amounts of good food (baby loves this part), and playing tourist in my own town. I couldn't have picked better days to take off, most of the week consisted of glorious, glorious sunshine which meant a few days lounging out on the deck (yay!). A few of you asked where we got some of our deck pieces so I thought I'd include a source list here for your reference.


• Sectional Patio Furniture "Sedona Collection", Canadian Tire
• Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Throw Cushions, Real Canadian Superstore
• Reversible Outdoor Rug, Real Canadian Superstore (a steal at $25!)
• White Ceramic Stool, Home Sense
• Wicker planters, Home Sense
• Gluckstein Outdoor Candle Lanterns, Home Outfitters
• White Tray, West Elm
• Hanging Umbrella, FREE! on the side of the road

Man, I love summer, I hope you all are enjoying it too. Have a great week!