My House: Backyard Bliss, Sources

My brother and sister are in town visiting and I took some days off last week to spend time with my family. I've been enjoying baby cuddles, ridiculous amounts of good food (baby loves this part), and playing tourist in my own town. I couldn't have picked better days to take off, most of the week consisted of glorious, glorious sunshine which meant a few days lounging out on the deck (yay!). A few of you asked where we got some of our deck pieces so I thought I'd include a source list here for your reference.


• Sectional Patio Furniture "Sedona Collection", Canadian Tire
• Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Throw Cushions, Real Canadian Superstore
• Reversible Outdoor Rug, Real Canadian Superstore (a steal at $25!)
• White Ceramic Stool, Home Sense
• Wicker planters, Home Sense
• Gluckstein Outdoor Candle Lanterns, Home Outfitters
• White Tray, West Elm
• Hanging Umbrella, FREE! on the side of the road

Man, I love summer, I hope you all are enjoying it too. Have a great week!


  1. I think the best part of this source list is that aside from the tray (which isn't essential to your deck space), you put everything together from Canadian stores! :) Way to go lady!

    Hope you had a great weekend! xx

  2. Stunning Christine. Man I love Superstore. So many great deal! And that umbrella?! Free and fabulous ;)
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday with your fam!

  3. LOVE it! I could spend all summer on your deck

  4. I've tried them out in person, super comfy...I want one!

  5. Can't wait to lounge out there next summer visit with our babies running around!

  6. I love your outdoor space... I could spend hours there. Enjoy your company and enjoy your new space -

  7. Your weekend sounds amazing, and your gorgeous deck was the perfect place to let it all play out!


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