I Love Magazine Day

Happy Friday, everyone! I think I'm finally starting to ease into this "fall thing". I'm so ready for a relaxing, cozy weekend of pumpkin spice lattes and curling up on the couch with a magazine.

My House and Home mag arrived this week and check out that little blurb:

Hey, that's me! I'm starting to think I might talk about food too much ;) But heck, those ice cream sandwiches did sound delish!

Have a great weekend!

Ice Cream sandwich recipe available in the Aug '11 House and Home.


  1. So cool! As a pregnant mama, you're entitled to as many ice cream sandwiches as you want ;) Have a good weekend!

  2. Now you have me curious abou these chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches! What's the recipe?! :)

  3. you are a celebrity!!!! happy friday!!!

  4. @Jen - Thanks! I like to things so too ;) happy weekend to ya!

    @Shannon- celebrity, ha!

    @Emily - I couldn't find the recipe online, but it's in the Aug issue of House and Home magazine. It looked goooood.

  5. It's you! And don't worry-if you talk to much about food, I talk too much about booze!

  6. You're so popular with the magazines. Isn't this is your second...third if you include online magazine appearances?

  7. Yay! I was snuggling up with mine the other night and saw your comment. I was totally planning to tweet you, but then I thought you should really see the surprise for yourself. I didn't want to wreck the moment! How fun.
    I love mag day too. I am looking forward to escaping the chilly weather and curling up with them over the next few days :) Happy weekend to you!

  8. Oh that is too cool! :D

    I as well am soaking up this September weekend. Hoping to bake some recipes I have been wanting to try!


  9. lol - have a great weekend Christine!

  10. I saw that when I read the magazine! Yay! Enjoy eating, I have never enjoyed food more than when I was pregnant!

  11. So cool! Kind of a weird feeling, though, huh?

    I am so boring. I don't get any magazines any more. I had one, but I let it lapse. Now they want me back for only $5 a year with tons of free gifts. Hey, I think I might be on to something. :)

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