Nursery: The Chair

Finding the perfect chair for the nursery turned out to be one of the most challenging items for the room.  I had a wish list: I wanted it to be comfortable, affordable, and stylish.  A lot to ask? Apparently.  We both figured if we're going to invest money in a chair it had to be something that we really liked and that worked with the rest of our home.

We shopped around and soon I started to feel a bit like Goldilocks.  Too big.  Too small. Not tall enough to support my head when I pass out from exhaustion... etc, etc.  Here's a look at what we found:

The gorgeous Canadian made Monte Gliders.  I loved the style of these, really modern and clean lined. We tried out a few in store at Westcoast Kids and for the most part they were pretty comfortable, though I did find some of them to be a bit small in person.  Biggest issue: price. All of these are in the $1000 plus range, eeeee.

Monte Luca Glider

Monte Grano Glider Recliner

Monte Joya Rocker

A lot of people go with your standard Dutalier glider and, I must admit, these babies are comfortable. Unfortunately, they're just not our style and I can't justify spending even a few hundred dollars on a chair I didn't really like.

Dutalier Anjou II Glider
Little Castle Monaco Glider: I sat in this one at Finesse Kids and oh, baby was it comfortable! The problem, it was over $1200 (plus, if I got the piping I loved) and it took over 3 months to order in.

Little Castle Monaco Glider
There were a ton of other gorgeous options I found online, but I really wanted to be able to sit in the chair before I bought it and prices for shipping were turning out to be a bit steep.

I am happy to say we did eventually find a winner! Enter the Karbon Swivel Glider from EQ3.  It bears a striking resemblance to the Monte Grano Recliner but at half the price.  Luckily, they had this chair in store at the Bay (did you know the Bay carries the EQ3 line?) so I could pop in and give it a try.  It's comfortable, stylish, matches our decor and, compared to the $1000+ options, relatively affordable. Hooray!

Here's a sneak peek of it in the room:

Nursery Glider: check!




  1. Aw I love your pick!! And guess what, you shared a picture of the chair I just ordered :) Yay!

  2. Good pick...important to get something comfortable!

  3. That is a much better route to go. I've helped clients select gliders for nurseries and I"m amazed at how much bloody money they cost. We always go for a non-kid store option since gliders are for everyone. Loving the fabric on your crib.

  4. Cute chair!
    I had a hard time figuring out what chair to use myself. I was contemplating a chaise for a while because they're comfortable, and I figured I could easily sleep on one instead of waking hubby up climbing back into bed :P
    We already have a La-Z-Boy rocker in our living room, and I don't really like gliders and can't see us using one afterwards so that was out.
    We settled on the Poang chair from Ikea because #1: it's super comfortable and #2: it has a slight bounce to it so in case baby doesn't like rocking maybe it will like to bounce?! And as an extra was on sale! Yay for saving $$!

  5. Ooh, good choice. I love that Monte Joya Rocker you shared too, but there's no way I could swallow the price either :) Love your pick!

  6. Like! I never used a glider, just a fabulous arm chair and a foot stool. But I think it would of been nice to have something help me rock the baby to sleep! How exciting - the baby is coming soon, no?

  7. We were in the same situation when creating our nursery. We went with the Monte Alto Rocker in white leather and a custom made lumbar pillow in our nursery fabric to match.So comfy and we can use it long after our babies are babies. Change up the lumbar pillow and you are set!! Check out the chair on their website.

  8. love the chair Christine!!! Its look amazing :)

  9. I absolutely love your choice! I was surprised how much I use my glider...nursing, rocking, etc.
    Be prepared to spend lots of time in it! ;)

  10. Love it! I had no idea the Bay carried EQ3...very good to know! Well done on getting an a-typical nursery chair.

  11. that chair is bananas--love it! nice choice:) you are getting so close!!

  12. i did register for the joya rocker but it is way expensive and i know no one will buy it ahahaa!! but i am glad u did this round up... i may just have to get the chair you bought too cuz it looks very modern and is a bit cheaper!!

  13. Does this chair just swivel or does it glide as well?


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