Slightly Scary??

I like to think I took it up about half a notch from last year's decorations. It seems I just don't have the motivation or desire to go all out for halloween, more of fall with a sprinkle of Halloween?


I'm noticing a lot of my neighbours are really into decorating for Halloween, like more than Christmas!? Really? I'm just in it for the candy ;) Here's hoping we still have any candy left come this evening (Mike and I have been indulging just a bit).

Happy Halloween!!


Baby update: STILL pregnant.

oh baby! 40 weeks

The 80's called and they want their legwarmers back. Oh yes I did. With my all leggings, all the time wardrobe of late my legs were starting to feel a bit chilly. These are perfect with boots for extra coziness.

I promise not to start throwing a body suit into the mix, but I sorta love them.


40 weeks and currently loving...
(well, technically it's tomorrow but let's think positively in case baby decides to grace us with it's presence)
- chocolate cheerios. Seriously, go buy some. They're delicious and they actually have the same amount of sugar as my "healthy" Special K box.
- napping.
- as mentioned above, leggings. I don't think I've worn jeans in a month, stretchy pants for the win!
- that it hasn't snowed yet and the fact that none of my jackets zip up hasn't been an issue.
- going for daily walks... even better when Mikey comes with me. I don't think I've ever moved so slowly in my life, but when sitting for too long, laying down for too long or standing for too long is uncomfortable it feels good to stretch.
- I'm not going to lie, this "loving list" is a lot harder this week. I'm trying to keep a positive swing on things but there are a lot of things I'm not loving (back aches, hip aches, body aches, waddling, not sleeping, waiting, waiting, and more waiting...) but the number one thing to love: we get to meet our baby soon and I LOVE that :)

We're ready for you, baby.

Happy weekend, let's hope it's eventful for all of us :)

Virtual Shop: Shades of Fall

Yesterday I was in a bit of a humph... woke up sore, aching and well, emotional. As much as I love having this little babe all cozy and warm inside, yesterday I told baby I was ready. Ready when he/she is to meet the world. To get me through a meh day I turned to some virtual retail therapy and dreams of when my body is back and ready for some new duds.

I miss shopping. Here's a look into my pretend shopping bag:

1) Ruched Bow Dress, Jacob 2) Polka Rounds Clutch, Anthropologie 3) Double Cloth Envelope Coat, J.Crew 4) Pave Posts, Anthropologie 5) Drawing Room Necklace, Anthropologie 6) Fountain Spray Wingtips, Anthropologie

ahhh, I feel better already.


the little things: Laundry

Laundry just isn't so bad when things are so cute and little.

Baby laundry makes me smile :) Though I'm sure after months and months and loads upon loads of laundry this might start to lose it's appeal.

Happy weekend, all!

p.s. yep, still pregnant but the countdown is on, 8 days till baby due date!!!

Baby Music That Doesn't Suck

Baby and I have been grooving in the car lately to Renee & Jeremy, It's a Big World album. This is baby's favourite song (I swear he/she kicks everytime!):

My girlfriend, Karlene first introduced me to Renee & Jeremy when she had her twin girls. The music is sweet and not too baby (ie. shoot-me-if-I-hear-one-more-verse kinda thing). Love it.

Check out the full album here on iTunes.


A Wild Wedding

Have I ever told you how much I love weddings? I do. Love, love, love. We were down in Penticton in August for my cousin, Jason's wedding and it was one of the prettiest weddings ever. Jason and Chelle, you two are the sweetest and I'm so happy I could be there for this beautiful day. The photos were taken by the talented White Linen Photographers and they are just too crazy pretty not to share.

The dress, the location, the details, the shoes (!)... makes me want to get married all over again. *sigh*


Gorgeous, hey??

Thanks so much White Linen for sharing the photos with me and to Jason and Chelle for a beautiful, beautiful wedding. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wild!! xoxo


For more pretty click here for the full post over at White Linen Photography.

DIY: Crib Skirt & Mini Quilt

I hope you all had a great long weekend and filled up on some delicious thanksgiving dinner! I know I did.. it's amazing I have that much room in there for food ;)

I wanted to share some of the "nesting" going on around here. My sister was in town visiting these last few weeks and has been helping me with some sewing projects (Thanks, Mich!). I'm getting more confident with my pink, little sewing machine and can even get by on my own lately.

First up, my crib skirt and a cute little mini quilt:


The crib skirt I managed to tackle on my own referencing a few different tutorials and pretty much hodge-podging it together.
Basically, it's a simple as:
- measure length/width of crib sides (I didn't do the back since it's against the wall).
- cut three pieces of fabric (add extra for seam allowance)
- hem edges
- sew ribbons to top to tie to crib springs.

There is a great no-sew tutorial via Young House Love that uses velcro instead of ribbon, this was a great reference to get me started.


With the ribbons at the top I can adjust the length of the skirt when we lower the mattress of the crib. It was super simple to make although, I must admit, it was time consuming. It took me way longer than expected to cut/hem to make sure all the edges were straight. But, I'm super happy with how it turned out and I only wanted to throw my sewing machine across the room once or twice ;) Success in my books.

Next project was a mini quilt. Michelle and I made it together, but in reality I have no idea how to make a quilt so she did most of the dirty work. I did what I was told - pinned and ironed and sewed. So no tutorial here mainly because I don't think I can remember how to do it! woops.


It's cute and baby approved:


I've got a few other nesting projects to share and as you can see the nursery is coming together! We are definitely ready to put a baby in there but not quite finished decorating in my books... does it ever really end??

UPDATE: Click here to see the completed nursery!


Baby Brain.. with room for food.

Now that I'm officially on maternity leave (woot, woot!) I thought I'd have all this time for blogging but, unfortunately, that hasn't exactly been the case. I have baby brain. As in, baby on the brain all. the. time. Maybe it's this giant belly growing out of me or the little munchkin doing summersaults inside, but to say my mind is otherwise occupied is an understatement.

All my free time seems to be spent sewing, decorating, organizing and just thinking about how in approximately 3 weeks my life is about to change forever. It's kind of a big deal, yes? I guess that's why there isn't much room in there for much else. So please bear with me with all the baby talk, baby items and general lack of variety on this here blog. I'm doing my best to show restraint and not show you every cute baby item I come across (though I'm still going to show you some ;)

Luckily, I've still got room up in that ol' noggin for food... babies and food. This time of year I always get a craving for pumpkin. I came home from the grocery store with 3 cans today. I'm on the hunt for a new fall pumpkin recipe and in the meantime I think I'll be revisiting these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies ASAP.


mmmm, pumpkin. Please send recipes!


30 years

30 years ago today my favourite person was born.
Happy birthday Mikey! Love you.

I've got a little something in the oven for you (okay, two things if you count baby) ;)

image via
Key Lime Pie recipe found here, it's not ready yet, but I'll let you know if it's any good. Happy Wednesday!