Baby Music That Doesn't Suck

Baby and I have been grooving in the car lately to Renee & Jeremy, It's a Big World album. This is baby's favourite song (I swear he/she kicks everytime!):

My girlfriend, Karlene first introduced me to Renee & Jeremy when she had her twin girls. The music is sweet and not too baby (ie. shoot-me-if-I-hear-one-more-verse kinda thing). Love it.

Check out the full album here on iTunes.



  1. This IS great!! Thanks for sharing Christine! Will have to check out more! Hope you and baby are doing great! xo

  2. What great music... I would have LOVED to have had this around four years ago!!

  3. So stinkin' adorable! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm definitely gonna have to put this on my iPod for when baby gets here:-) xoxo

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I think I will head over to itunes and buy the album. Baby and I will enjoy listening together on our belly buds! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and just came across your blog by accident and loving reading all your little pregnancy updates!

    K :)


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