oh baby! 40 weeks

The 80's called and they want their legwarmers back. Oh yes I did. With my all leggings, all the time wardrobe of late my legs were starting to feel a bit chilly. These are perfect with boots for extra coziness.

I promise not to start throwing a body suit into the mix, but I sorta love them.


40 weeks and currently loving...
(well, technically it's tomorrow but let's think positively in case baby decides to grace us with it's presence)
- chocolate cheerios. Seriously, go buy some. They're delicious and they actually have the same amount of sugar as my "healthy" Special K box.
- napping.
- as mentioned above, leggings. I don't think I've worn jeans in a month, stretchy pants for the win!
- that it hasn't snowed yet and the fact that none of my jackets zip up hasn't been an issue.
- going for daily walks... even better when Mikey comes with me. I don't think I've ever moved so slowly in my life, but when sitting for too long, laying down for too long or standing for too long is uncomfortable it feels good to stretch.
- I'm not going to lie, this "loving list" is a lot harder this week. I'm trying to keep a positive swing on things but there are a lot of things I'm not loving (back aches, hip aches, body aches, waddling, not sleeping, waiting, waiting, and more waiting...) but the number one thing to love: we get to meet our baby soon and I LOVE that :)

We're ready for you, baby.

Happy weekend, let's hope it's eventful for all of us :)


  1. Are you kidding me? Those leg warmers are adorable! YOU look adorable! I never made it to 40 weeks. All 3 of mine were 37 weekers.

    Here's to a very happy weekend...and hoping you don't have a horrible Dr. who wouldn't induce until you were 42 weeks. Oh, yes! I heard about a case like that! That's just evil! ;)


  2. Can I just say - you look amazing! Hoping that baby comes soon and swiftly :)

  3. Very cute leg warmers! I've been craving a pair of really long knitted grey socks for winter lately. All the best with your impending arrival!!!! So exciting! :)

  4. Look at you...beautiful as always. This is one luck baby. Rest up sweetie, I wish you all the best in this next week. xo-xo-xo love for all 3 of you.

  5. YOu look great...try to get som rest and enjoy the madness that is soon to come! good luck!

  6. eeeee! I'm officially on Just Bella baby watch! can't wait to see the little bundle you've got baking in there. Maybe you'll have a Halloween bebe and get to do fun costume b-day parties.

  7. LOVE this, you look fabulous. And totally rock those legwarmers :) Goooood luuuuuuck.

  8. I LOVE legwarmers! Good luck to you... such exciting times!

  9. You look fantastic! Good luck and hope you meet your baby soon. :)

  10. You look gorgeous!!! LOve it all :)
    Nancy xo

  11. Oh I hope this is the weekend for you! I know how you feel, you are happy you made it this far but ready to meet the new bundle already! I love the leg warmers!

  12. You look so so cute!!! Just amazing! Congrats...you did it, all 40 weeks, and with such style and grace!

    Now come out baby bella! Best wishes for an amazing birth...nothing compares to the birth of your firstborn. Savor every moment!

  13. ummm, you look so wonderful! I can't believe you're 40 weeks!!!! eeek! so exciting!

  14. Looking good as always. I still wish I had those boots of yours, when can we share closets again like we used to? I can't wait to meet that niece or nephew of mine. Sydney told me she is pretty excited for a cousin as well. Can't wait to see you in 5 days! Love you. xoxo

  15. You look really beautiful and I'm loving the leg warmers! - Hope your birth goes smoothly. Come back soon after the birth but also rest up and enjoy the new little one!
    Rachie xo
    PS: My bestie is due any day now too :-)

  16. Aww you look stunning!! Love the socks with the boots also ;) Just beautiful!

  17. Christine, you just look great, leg warmers and all! Who doesn't love a bit of extra coziness nowadays?! Good luck in this home stretch :)

  18. You make leg warmers look so "with-it" ,I think you might have started a new trend! At least you aren't wearing an off the shoulder net top and your ponytail to one side!

    You are looking fabulous! Good luck - hope baby graces you with his/her presence soon!


  19. you look so amazing! i adore your entire outfit--perfetion! i hope you have had your lil one by now!


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