Slightly Scary??

I like to think I took it up about half a notch from last year's decorations. It seems I just don't have the motivation or desire to go all out for halloween, more of fall with a sprinkle of Halloween?


I'm noticing a lot of my neighbours are really into decorating for Halloween, like more than Christmas!? Really? I'm just in it for the candy ;) Here's hoping we still have any candy left come this evening (Mike and I have been indulging just a bit).

Happy Halloween!!


Baby update: STILL pregnant.


  1. Loving that bat! I made something similar from a template on the Martha Stewart website!

  2. I think this is perfect! I can't wait til I have my very own porch to discretely decorate for halloween. Less is more I say!

    ps come on baby! I have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to know what you are!! (that was me talking to your child, so we're clear)

  3. yeah!
    i'm still pregs too!

    we are getting close!

  4. Love your display... the bats are a cute touch. I get so annoyed by the neighbors that decorate more for halloween than for christmas.

  5. These decorations are so sweet-we don't have a single pumpkin in the house! Oh well!

  6. Still pregnant...hmmm...well my Dad was born on Halloween...maybe a Halloween baby for you? Great roundup of photos and I'm sending you positive birth vibes! xo

  7. Looks like a Martha Stewart Magazine spread!

  8. Cute decor- I don't love Halloween decorations either. I'd definitely rather decorate for Fall in general than Halloween

  9. It's such a pleasure to *meet* your blog - just stumbled across it! It's hard to get into Halloween, it seems a very cluttered holiday, and I'm forever trying to keep the house clean! Beautiful autumnal pumpkins and a bit of candy are all the really matter (although, not here in Australia where it's never really caught on)!

    Congrats on the soon-to-be bub!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  10. Super cute. A lot more festive than I was this year (I think I save up all the energy for Christmas!).

    Hope you're well and that you & baby can meet SOON!

  11. Love the decor Christine!! I've never been hugely into halloween decor either. Like you, I'm pretty much focused on the sweet treats! Thanks for the pregnancy update! Can't wait for the announcement that the baby's made it's way into this world!

  12. looks so pretty~ i love your style girly!


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