the little things: Happy Mondays

A full 6.5 HOURS of sleep...
a visit from Alice's Nana and Opa...
a quiet moment with a sleeping baby, a cup of tea* and blogging....
followed by a movie night out with my bff, my mom and Robert Pattinson.

I couldn't ask for a happier Monday :)


Hope yours is equally as lovely.

*my new favourite tea "northern lights" from David's Tea. I bought it when I was 41 weeks pregnant. It's a yummy blend of apple, peppermint, juniper berries, and raspberry leaf, so if you're in need it might induce labor ;)


  1. Yes this does sound like a perfect day :) I am always up a good tea recommendation too! I will have to keep my eye out for that one

  2. That tea sounds fantastic! I'm crushing on this peach ginger tea right now--I swear it makes mornings so much better :)

  3. 6.5 hours of sleep! Christmas came early at your house ;) are you a Team Jacob or Team Edward? Happy Monday.

  4. Yay for sleep...yay for quiet time...yay for tea ;) Sounds like a fabulous Monday Christine!

  5. That sounds delightful! How did you like the movie? I went over the weekend with my bestie and we both were underwhelmed - well actually overwhelmed by it all but that wasn't a good thing :S

  6. Oh my goodness...just delightful. I so treasure those moments as a mom, more so than before! ;)

  7. 6.5HOURS?

    So jealous...

    we had 4 hrs last night - the longest in the history of babies around here...BUT my older son woke up screaming around the 3.5hr mark, and I was left awake and wondering when baby would get up for the next 30 mins

    Oh Robert!

  8. Don't be too jealous I think I jinxed myself because we had an extremely fussy and sleepless day today!

    The movie was okay, you'll hate it if you haven't read the books. It can be a bit ridiculous, the talking wolves really cracked me up!

  9. just picked up a new tin of northern lights today... thanks so much for the recommendation :) xo.

  10. Love, love, love, DT. You should try the Creme Caramel Rooibos with a squirt of agave. HEAVEN.


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