Virtual Shop: Festive Fair Isle

Even though there isn't a sign of Christmas in my house just yet, I've definitely started feeling festive. The tree and stuff will hopefully come soon but in the mean time I'm virtual shopping again. I am just loving all the fair isle pattern out there, makes me want to curl up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate. And p.s. how hilarious is that baby model?? I think Alice needs one of those outfits...

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)

Things have been a little quiet around the blog lately, this "doing it all" thing with a baby is tough and my one handed typing skills kinda suck (how do you moms do it??). I had great intentions to do some major blogging today, but Alice is having one of those "I don't feel like sleeping" kinda days. Right now she's rocking it in the baby bjorn while I miraculously get to type with two hands!! The things I took for granted....

I hope to be around more often to say hello and Alice, of course, sends her love too! Yep, couldn't go a post without cute baby shot. She's kind of a big deal around here ;)

One of about a million shots in my iPhone of Alice on my lap.

later peeps,


  1. God she's a cutie... and I hear you, it's not easy... I've just mastered my one hand typing. I also write posts in advance when I get a chance! We don't expect you to "do it all" though... just enjoy your little one. Before you know it she'll be 4.5 months old and you'll be wondering what happened to your newborn ;)

  2. she is adorable...enjoy it all...but don't get to hard on yourself if you steal a few moments for yourself. I need those moments to be a better mommy and a better me.

  3. She is SO adorable. Awww. And I love those Toms!!!

  4. My little one is sleeping right hubs is off to shoppers to buy some cough suppressant...I have one of those darn coughs that tickles you all night long...and when I finally get to sleep, baby wakes!

    Anyways, baby was up all day today around here too! He was having some gassy tummy troubles I think...midwife recommended biogaia - we used it for my older son too...helps regulate the cultures in their immature gut! Maybe that will help?

    hubs is back! ttyl!

  5. Oh she's just beautiful Christine!!!
    Love the round-up...that baby outfit (#6) is soooo cute. Happy Friday to you!

  6. Awwww hi Alice! Just looking at fair isle makes me feel cozy inside :-)

  7. oh, i had no idea that was what the pattern was called! i need to get myself some fair isle patterned goodies soon... :D

    baby is adorable btw :)

  8. LOVE all these fair isle goodies, and that gorgeous shot of little Alice!

  9. That baby model is funny, reminds me of a picture of Sydney. Can't wait to see you and Alice!

  10. Nice post - fair isle definitely has a cozy feel to it. And Alice is so, so sweet!

  11. Oh my goodness. Story of my life. The Ergo the Bijorn....the list goes on. I am happy when I get 10 minutes to myself everyday. Haha. Sigh. It's an amazing experience, filled with so much love. But oh my goodness can it be challenging. I'm right there with ya mama. Little Alice is adorable!!!!!

  12. P.S. Mila is sitting in her high chair eating cheerios and throwing them to the dog. This is how I'm typing right now. ;) Ah distractions....


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