Alice: Month Two


I cannot believe what a difference a month makes! Someone's getting her milk... wow.


Month two and currently loving...

- making Alice smile, she's such a happy baby and you wouldn't believe what levels my voice can reach to see that pretty little smile.

- nanas (especially "semi-retired" ones), grandmas, opas, gidos, aunties, and uncles.

- being able to stay home in our jammies when the temperature drops near -30 (like today, ugh).

- coos and gurgles, you know "baby talk" - she tries so hard to get those noises out. I'm working on getting her to say "Alice", she's got the "ahh" down pat ;)

- walking into a room smiling baby happily lying in her crib.

- chubby cheeks, rolls, dimples and chins (yes, chins) - I love them all.

- Alice's bright little eyes. She has become so much more aware of everything this month. There is no better feeling than seeing her face light up when she sees you.

- white noise apps, a godsend during those witching hours.  Alice particularly likes "floor fan" and "rain on car".  This girl is going to need her own iPhone pretty soon...

- play dates with friends, like this handsome little guy.

- adorable, silent laughs.

- the fact that I don't think I've ever said the word 'poo' so much in my life.

- my mom friends who say 'poo' just as much.

- convincing my brother that one day he too will probably pick his kids nose.

Love you, little girl!



  1. She has grown SO MUCH, and my god is she beautiful! :) I hear you on the "Pooh" thing... I never imagined pooh would be a regulare topic of conversation for me and B ;)

  2. I can't believe how much babies grow during the first months. Amazing. She is adorable!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the blanket in the background! You will love having these month to month updates... wish I would have done something like this when my boys were little.

  4. How adorable! Wow that is a difference.

  5. Alice is such an adorable baby! She's gone from newborn to baby over the last month.

    Out of curiosity, what is the fabric she's on? I love it!

  6. She's a beauty !!! And yes there's huge difference the first year, every month is so different. I wish you to enjoy each moment :)
    I love her body haha, it makes me smile !

  7. it still boggles my mind that you MADE her. I don't think I will ever get over this idea.

    She is so adorable! I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short amount of time!

  8. Wow...I can't believe it's already month 2!!! She's growing up so fast Christine :) Love the pictures. You're daughter is adorable and I love hearing about all the fabulous things you get to experience as a result of this precious little bundle! Enjoy ;)

  9. What a beautiful baby girl! She really has grown!! Her smile is adorable.

  10. She is such a CUTIE! Love those cheeks!

  11. Did you guy the onesies with the "One Month" "Two Months" etc on them? Or are you making those (iron-on??) yourself? I love them!

    1. Photoshopped!! And just a plain white onesie from Carter's.

  12. Ah she's getting so big! Go Alice!

  13. ah cute alice! so fun~ 2 months all ready??

  14. she is adorable. what a difference a month makes is right! hehe. too sweet.

  15. Every month is so much fun, and they change so quickly! She is just gorgeous!

  16. I remember when my kids were that age just wanting so much to find out who they would become. She is a total cutie patootie!!

  17. Oh, adorable!!!! Makes me want another one:)


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