Cousins: Welcome Home :)

First, my brother moved home from Mississippi and now my sister is back from Manitoba, it's been a good year for our family. I think Alice is just as happy to have everyone here, especially her cousin Sydney.

Welcome home, family :)


Aren't these two the sweetest?

It looks like a gentle and sweet caress but I'm pretty sure it was more like a wack (see motion lines), but that's just how Sydney shows her love ;)

Happy weekend all,


  1. that is so wonderful that you have family close by! I am jealous--my family is all on the east coast : (

    ps. I love your idea for the photographic pregnancy journey. If we are blessed with another baby, I might have to steal your idea! : )

  2. Its really a blessing to have family so close. I love that my sister and her kids are down the street..I just couldn't imagine it any other way!

  3. So cute! so nice to have your family all together again!

  4. This picture makes me smile. I love that the sweet wee cousins have been reunited. (:

  5. Ahh congrats - we have H2B's family that live within walking distance and its the best to see all the nephews grow up!

    Gorgeous babies!
    Rachie xo

  6. Aww, how exciting!!! I'm a little sad to hear that you won't have an excuse to come out to Manitoba anymore, but super pumped for you that you can watch Alice grow up with her cousin! xo

    1. haha, I know, Amy! I was hoping we might have a Winnipeg coffee date too! Who knows maybe I'll find another reason to get there or you here! :)

  7. hahahaha awwwww How cute are they! :) So adorable Christine! You must be thrilled to have everyone back home again - especially since Alice and Sydney are so close in age!

  8. What a sweet pict! Great to have family back close:)

  9. Aw they are the cutest! What a great photo.


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