Loving... Alice in Wonderland Babylit


Alice got a new book in the mail the other day. It's a part of the Babylit series of classic literature board books. So far, we have Alice in Wonderland and Romeo and Juliet. Don't worry there's no death or anything, it's mostly just a counting book with pretty, pretty pictures. I love the design of these things, such gorgeous artwork. Here's a look at all the books in the series...
Mostly Alice just wants to eat them, but I think that means they're A+ in her books as well. She told me she wants to eat Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice next.


You can never have too many books, right? Especially pretty ones :)


Virtual Shop: Spring Brights at First Time Fancy

My bloggy friend, Kerry, is embarking on a cross country move and since I'm a few provinces away I'm helping her out by doing what I do best, shop. I know I just blogged about all the SNOW we received the other day, but I'm still feeling spring and all the bright colours that come with it.

Pop on over to First Time Fancy to see my super bright and cheery picks for spring!

Fluro Random Spot Pillowcases, Castle


Edmonton Home & Garden Show

My mom, sis and I hit up the Edmonton Home & Garden Show on Saturday and ohmygosh, this thing was HUGE.  I don't think we gave ourselves near enough time to check out the whole thing. Seriously, it took us a good 15 minutes just to find the mini donut stand! (priorities, people, priorities)


There were tons of great exhibitors, displays and design eye candy to check out, but I'd say the highlight of the show for us was the presentation by Tara of Lauren Lane Decor. I have always been intrigued by the idea of finishing furniture but I was totally intimidated to do it. Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: no stripping, no sanding, no priming - now that might be something I can handle. Seriously, you have to check out this paint. I'm all about anything that means less work and this paint is just that.

Tara shared her expertise on the paint as well as tips for finding and fancifying any piece of furniture. I just want to paint every tired looking piece of furniture I own now! Thanks, Tara.


We left with a can of paint, some samples and a ton of inspiration. I think we'll hit up the show next year, only this time with a plan and map in hand.


p.s. For anyone interested in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you can purchase it online at Lauren Lane Decor or for Edmontonians you can find it at Apple Box Boutique.

An Edmonton Spring

Yep, snow. I actually don't mind when it snows this late. We all know winter is almost over and it's been such a mild one that these giant fluffy snowflakes were almost welcomed, almost.  Happy third day of spring!! haha.

We're off to the Edmonton Home Show this weekend and then to a 'welcome to the world' party for Alice's bud Broderick - can't wait. Have a happy weekend, y'all.


oh baby! Play Date

A little staring, a little flirting, some harmless arm sucking... good times with Alice and her buddy, Cole.

Cuteness overload, right?

My House: Laundry, The Plan

Sometimes I envy my sister's decision making skills. She has moved into a house, furnished two rooms, and painted her living room ALL in the time it's taken me to finally choose the colour for our laundry/mud room. She knows what she likes and she goes for it. We have a lot of things in common, but this is one place where we differ. Maybe I over think things, over research... I like to say I'm thorough. Yep, I'm a planner, I can't help it. I'm a visual person too, so while she was busy getting things done, I was having fun organizing my ideas in a fancy mood board. oooooo, pretty.

I'm planning on adding a few more pops of colour maybe in artwork or a pillow, but this really helped me get a general direction for the basic pieces.

l-r: akurum wall cabinet with adel white door, IKEA. foto pendant lamp, IKEA. stockholm cushion, IKEA. staineless steel backsplash, lowes. wooden hangers, IKEA. cil paint, home depot. hemnes shoe cabinet, IKEA.

So now that I have a plan things are starting to take shape! We got the room painted this weekend and it's looking lovely!

Progress feels good :)


p.s. Michelle, your house is looking awesome. Thank you for the motivation and reminder I was slacking in the decision making area ;) You're an inspiration!

Winner: Edmonton Home & Garden Show

Congratulations, Joanne!! I've got two tickets with your name on them for the Edmonton Home & Garden Show.  I'm glad you decided to pop in and leave a comment! Send me an email with your address and I'll get them in the mail for you asap.

Thanks to Lauren Lane Decor and everyone who entered, it was so nice to see some local peeps pop in - yay Edmonton! If you still want to go to the show you can save $3 by buying your tickets online.

Hope to see ya there!

Alice: Month Three and Four

I sorta dropped the ball at 3 months, I did remember to take a photo just never got around to posting it. Here's our big girl all grown up at 3 and 4 months old. Has anyone invented that machine to freeze time yet??


Month four and currently loving...

- little hands. She discovered her hands at 3 months and went from, "oh my gosh, have you guys seen these things" to grabbing and holding toys at 4 months.

- little feet. built-in toys nowadays, I'd say she's just days away from getting those suckers in her mouth.

- the amazing magic tricks Alice can perform at night to escape from her swaddle and move from one end of the crib to the other.

- baby babble. She has definitely "found her voice" and it's adorable, though she seems to have a tendency to get louder and louder when we're trying to watch a movie.

- jumping. Jumperoo, jolly jumper, mom or dad's lap - all the cool babies are doing it ;)

- cousin time. My sister and her family moved home from Manitoba and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have them here. Alice and Sydney love each other and I love having my sis to just hang with even if it's just sitting on the couch pinning while our husbands get us ice cream. Good times.

- cute baby bibs because man, there is so much drool!!!

- smiles. I'll never get sick of that cute little smiley face.

Here's a look at the months so far...


Month One, Month Two

Don't you just want to squish those cheeks!??


Giveaway: Edmonton Home & Garden Show

The Edmonton Home and Garden Show is coming up on March 22 - 25. It's a great place to hit up for inspiration, ideas and just all round motivation. (plus, the Edmonton Expo Centre usually has mini donut stands kicking around, mmmmm).

There are tons of great presenters this year including Tara Jamieson from Lauren Lane Decor.  Tara is a custom furniture painter/refinisher from Calgary. My sister and I are looking forward to checking out her presentation and hopefully learning a tip or two along the way. We both have a dining room table refinishing project we'd like to tackle one day, maybe this'll be just the inspiration we need to get our butts in gear.

Enough babbling, wanna win some tickets!? Tara has kindly offered up two tickets to one of you lucky readers. To win just leave a comment mentioning anything on your "to-do list" (or just a "I want to go" will suffice) and a winner will be randomly drawn before the show.

Contest closes March 15, 2012.

custom work by lauren lane decor, photo via lldecor.ca
Isn't that dining room table gorgeous?  Thank you to Lauren Lane Decor for offering up the tickets!


Keepin' it Real: The "Lived in" Nursery

This is Alice's nursery before she was born:

And here's how it looks these days:

Please tell me how a baby who just learned to even hold a toy can make such a mess... oh wait, I guess that's all my doing then, hey? Cleaning house vs squishing cheeks? The house never stood a chance ;)


Just keepin' it real....


Loving: Colour and Denim!

Not sure if I (or my post preggo hips) can pull this off, but I'm really loving the coloured denim trend lately.

1) Anthropologie 2) Gap 3) Urban Outfitters 4) Zara 5) Urban Outfitters 6) Anthropologie

I totally rocked pink and purple demin as a kid.  What is it they say, "if you wore the trend the first time you probably shouldn't the second time around"?? hmmm.