A Wedding Shower y'all

Okay this is definitely not the first time I've come to this realization but man, everything takes longer with a baby. Planning a party, cleaning for a party, decorating, prepping, and well, blogging a party. haha. These photos have been up on my computer for a good two weeks! It's all worth it though, I love me a good wedding shower and jumped at the chance to throw this party for my brother and his future wifey.

Brittany is from way down south in Mississippi and will be moving up to Canada after they get married (yay!). We wanted Brittany to feel as at home as possible so a shower with a litte southern charm was definitely on the agenda.


Sweet tea and deep fried pickles, y'all!


I loved embarrassing my brother with some scantilly clad wedding undies.


Congrats you two, looking forward watching y'all tie the knot in June!


Do you like how I tried to casually throw y'all into a sentence? I'm not sure this Canadian can quite pull it off...

oh baby! First Flight

Woops, I meant to post photos of the wedding shower last week but, well, life got busy and then we were off for our first family vacation. We spent an extended weekend in beautiful, sunny, springy Victoria, BC. The sun, the ocean, the flowers, the grass. I had almost forgot what grass felt like.

We really wanted to get away on a mini-vacation while she was still somewhat portable and I'm so glad we did. Alice traveled really, really well. Besides a few tense "it's past my bedtime" moments on the way home, she pretty much slept the whole time on the airplane. phew!


So many photos to post but for now I'm off to tackle laundry, those babies don't travel light (and quite frankly, neither do I ;)


Crafting Fail: Doily Balls

I hosted a wedding shower for my brother and his future wifey last weekend which of course meant some fun decorating and crafting...

First attempt at fancy doily balls: FAIL.

Craft fail

Yaaa, I could see my efforts and a small tub of wallpaper glue slowly deflating before my eyes. I think it might have been too heavy for the poor balloon too handle. I was inspired by a segment I saw on Cityline*, things always look easier on TV, don't they??

Luckily, I learned some things from my first fail and the second attempt turned out slightly better. Then I just tucked them in with some giant tissue poms to hide all the imperfections (don't look tooo closely, ok). Here's a peek of them in action, I'll post the rest of the pics from the shower soon!


Happy Monday!

*You can find the full tutorial for the doily ball here.

The Little Things: Little Girl, Big Bed

I love mornings when we're too lazy to get out of bed. Plus, she just looks so stinkin' cute and tiny in our big bed. Hooray for jammy days*



*especially love after being up all night with a teething baby... I miss sleep.

DIY: Glitter Eggs

Nothing crazy for easter decor this year, but Andrea and I did have a ridiculous amount of fun with some glitter. Check out my fancy easter eggs:

Inspired by Ms. Martha Stewart, of course, this was such an easy project - just some glue, glitter and eggs. You can blow out the insides of real eggs, but holy heck that is hard work. I think I killed a million brain cells doing that. The styrofoam ones from the dollar store were a bit more up my alley.


Glitter is so fun and kinda addicting, you'll want to go home and cover everything you own in glitter... just warning ya. Oh and also be prepared for a much sparklier home cause this stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

I'm off to go finish off that bowl of mini eggs, happy easter to you!

Cute (almost) Curls

I think someone's going to have her mama's "textured" hair...


I swear it's got a mind of it's own. I promise to teach you how to style it, honey :)

I've definitely had a love hate relationship with my curly hair. Current product of choice: Bumble and Bumble's Curl Conscious Defining Cream. Any other curly haired gals out there? What's your secret?