Crafting Fail: Doily Balls

I hosted a wedding shower for my brother and his future wifey last weekend which of course meant some fun decorating and crafting...

First attempt at fancy doily balls: FAIL.

Craft fail

Yaaa, I could see my efforts and a small tub of wallpaper glue slowly deflating before my eyes. I think it might have been too heavy for the poor balloon too handle. I was inspired by a segment I saw on Cityline*, things always look easier on TV, don't they??

Luckily, I learned some things from my first fail and the second attempt turned out slightly better. Then I just tucked them in with some giant tissue poms to hide all the imperfections (don't look tooo closely, ok). Here's a peek of them in action, I'll post the rest of the pics from the shower soon!


Happy Monday!

*You can find the full tutorial for the doily ball here.


  1. haha, that first droopy ball totally made me chuckle. the final product looks awesome though -- so pretty!

  2. lol I got a good laugh out of this post!

    I always thought the doily balls were made out of paper doilies...That might explain why there were too heavy. Did they use crocheted ones on CityLine?

    1. EJ, I'm pretty sure they were crocheted doilies, though you could probably decopage with paper ones.

  3. Oh Christine they came out really cute! :)

  4. ha! i love this--i have a bunch of failed crafty projects in my closet.. These look great although!

  5. Thanks guys, glad you can't see them too closely ;)

  6. How dainty, they came out really nice!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. These are simply beautiful and a wonderful idea. Reminds me of my granny and all the doilies she had around her house, most of them handmade. I still have some of them today.

    Irene (Kildonan)


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