A Wedding Shower y'all

Okay this is definitely not the first time I've come to this realization but man, everything takes longer with a baby. Planning a party, cleaning for a party, decorating, prepping, and well, blogging a party. haha. These photos have been up on my computer for a good two weeks! It's all worth it though, I love me a good wedding shower and jumped at the chance to throw this party for my brother and his future wifey.

Brittany is from way down south in Mississippi and will be moving up to Canada after they get married (yay!). We wanted Brittany to feel as at home as possible so a shower with a litte southern charm was definitely on the agenda.


Sweet tea and deep fried pickles, y'all!


I loved embarrassing my brother with some scantilly clad wedding undies.


Congrats you two, looking forward watching y'all tie the knot in June!


Do you like how I tried to casually throw y'all into a sentence? I'm not sure this Canadian can quite pull it off...


  1. Melissa @ Living BeautifullyApril 27, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    Love the decor!! Great job girl...esp with a baby!

  2. Found my way to you through pinksugarland, I visit often but never comment,until now. Was thrilled to see my granny's luncheon plates on your shower post! We used to have tea with them quite often and they were given to me when she passed. Your shower looks lovely, thankyou for sharing.
    By the way the doily balls have been on my craft list forever..may just be brave enough to attempt now:)

    1. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment, Lori! Aren't those luncheon plates the best? I picked them up at an antique/thrift store a few years ago and I just love them. That's awesome that you received your granny's set, I hope you use them lots!

      You definitely should try the doily balls, I found the older the doilies the better. They were thinner and took better to the glue. Good luck!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful shower, C. Brittany is so blessed to {soon} have you as a sis-in-law.

    p.s. I use y'all all the time - at work, on my blog and in person. I figure since I've been to Texas I'm allowed to. (;

    1. Thanks, Dajana! I've been to Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi so I guess that practically makes me a southerner then, right!? haha, y'all, y'all, y'all. Just rolls of the tongue nicely, doesn't it?

  4. Beautiful Christine! Love the purple accents...you are welcome to throw me a shower any time! LOL.

  5. Looks beautiful Christine... and DAMN look at you looking all put together. I rarely have the time to look that good these days... especially now with a little crawler/standing baby! ;)

    1. Aw, thanks, Kerry. This was one of those days I managed to shower before noon - having a house full of people will motivate you like that ;) I can only imagine how much busier life get with a crawler/stander. Alice started rolling around from place to place this week. Gone are the days of leaving her and finding her where I left her, ahhh!

  6. I love all the decor ,and as always the photos are stunning.
    All the best for you and your family.

  7. It was a lovely shower, now time to help plan Sydney's birthday!


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