My House: Laundry, Progress

As predicted the laundry room is slooowly moving along. The good news is it's still entirely functional, or maybe we'd move faster if it wasn't??

Anywho, I picked up one of the last touches to the room and one that I'm pretty excited about: the countertop. This was a huge debacle in the room. The washer/dryer is deeper than your standard countertop so the first thing we did was look into getting a custom countertop done. It's doable but not the most affordable option. We want it to look good but the reality is it is in a closet. Next we hit up IKEA, which I blame for weeks and weeks delay on this project.

I had written out an extremely long winded story, but I know you all have better things to do with your time so long story short: IKEA employees led us astray. First two visits we were told countertops had to be custom, turns out (3 weeks later) you can in fact pick up a countertop in store. Arg.

So on Monday I picked up the PRAGEL countertop and we will be rigging something up to make the standard 26" depth work for us. All for a wopping $80. That's more like it, sure wish that first guy at IKEA would have told me that.

Here's a little peek at the room so far...

Laundry update

... and my mad skills fitting a 6' countertop and a stroller into my little VW tiguan, go car go! (don't worry baby hitched a ride with Nana).

Phew! So glad we finally sorted that out. I'll keep you posted on what we do to make it work in the space.



  1. the back of your vehicle. Great packing skills Christine! ;)

  2. Sounds exciting though - despite the glitches and ill informed Ikea employees!


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