Scenes from Victoria

We'd been itching to get away with Alice for months but just kept putting it off. Where should we go, how far, will it be baby friendly, what will we pack?? Finally, we just bit the bullet, booked a trip and a week later we were on our way for our first family vacation to Victoria, BC.

Turns out Victoria is actually pretty baby friendly (and old people friendly, I can see why so many people go there to retire). Coming from brown and dirty Edmonton, it was so nice to soak up all the greenery and blooms everywhere. Seriously, this city was made for spring!


We stayed at the beautiful Ashcroft House Bed and Breakfast. I was a bit worried about staying at a b&b with a baby, but I contacted them ahead of time and they were more than willing to welcome a baby of her age. We booked the Orchid Suite which was the only room on the main floor so we didn't have to worry about a crying babe waking up the other guests.

It worked out pretty awesome. The suite had a bedroom, a giant bathroom, and a little kitchenette. It was like our own little apartment. I think we were all a bit tense the first night - us worrying about noise, Alice sleeping in a new bed - but her sleeping has been off at home anyway so at least we were tired in a beautiful place, right? We got through it and had some moderately restful nights after that. I mean how can you not in that giant king size bed, hello diagonal sleeping!


The best part had to be the amazing breakfasts: 4 delicious courses and baggies to take fresh baking to go, we were literally full until dinner.


And a block away from us was this...


We hit up the famous Butchart Gardens. I swear Mike almost turned right around when we pulled up and saw it was $30/person, but once we got inside we saw what all the fuss was about. Preeetttty.


Sometimes it felt like we were walking in a fairytale, I swear the squirrels were this close to coming up to talk to us!


Lots of walks, lots of naps, great food - all round a successful first trip with a baby. I'd do it again, though who knows what we'll be in for next time...



  1. Gorgeous Victoria! Seeing your beautiful pictures makes me want to visit the Island again this summer. Think I can talk Scotty into it?

    p.s. The picture of Alice in the swing (and in the field of flowers) melted my heart. She's such a happy & sweet little babe. xoxo

    1. Ya you can! It's such a great weekend getaway! Or heck, let's do a girls trip!

      Thanks, Alice was pretty excited to see live grass for the first time ever ;)

  2. I love Victoria! Where in town is that B&B? I didn't even realize there was a shoreline like that since we stayed at the Fairmont and pretty much stuck to a few block radius.

    1. It was about a 10-15 minute walk out of downtown along the southern edge, right beside Beacon Hill Park. I'm so glad we stayed there, it's such a beautiful area to walk around! It's also a really nice drive up along the coast with some amazing houses! We had some great nap time drives :)

  3. Wow, Victoria is just beautiful! Love Alice's little white sunglasses :-)

  4. Such a lovely post! Victoria look beautiful and I love the pink blossom! :)

  5. You came at the perfect time - the weather has just started to improve. It rained ALL WINTER! The gorgeous summers are worth the long wait, though. ;-)

    1. Nicole! I thought about you while we were there! We should have met up for a coffee or something! Dang it :)

  6. ooh i'm heading out to BC in the summer...this looks like a great place to visit!

  7. I'm happy for you guys! You really need this time away from home, change of scenery.
    All the pictures look great. It's so beautiful in Victoria.
    I love the picture of Alice in sunglasses. I've just bought a pair for Brody. Babies look so adorable in them.
    You should tell me all about the flight, we just booked our trip to Ukraine. So I'll need all the advice.

  8. I'm with Kat! Love the photo of you and your sweet daughter with sunglasses on. Too cute ;)
    That B&B looks so lovely. I've never been to Victoria, but this looks beautiful!

  9. So cool to see your pics after having just been there!! Looks like a great weekend! We didn't do BG, the $30 price tag and drive to Tofino kept us out.

  10. I love Victoria. Such a gorgeous place. Alice is getting so big! She's such a cutie Christine and you look fantastic!

  11. Looks like you guys had such a wonderful time! Victoria is just gorgeous - it's so nice to go somewhere that actually has a Spring Season! It seems Alberta only has two seasons. Cold & summer :p

    Alice is growing into such a cute little girl - love the photos of her smiling in the flowers!

  12. Such beautiful photos! Looks a lovely place.

  13. Looks like it was a great success! I love visiting Victoria!

  14. Alice is just the cutest!! Looks like you guys had a great time :)

  15. wow! those gardens! that food! those views!

    so glad that you had a great time. I love family vacations that are all about good food, family time, and relaxing : )

  16. Oh we love Victoria too! What a great little place you stayed at. The photo of Alice in the sunglasses is just too much..she is so cute! Glad you had a great time visiting BC :)

  17. Hi lady! It's been awhile since I checked in so I'm just lurking all of your posts now :)

    The photo of you and Alice in the sunnies is just too chic. You look fab and she is just SO adorable.


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